Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 27, 2015 Week 22

Hola familia!!

This week was better. I don't have too many days where I feel totally out of whack, but when they do happen, I figure I should tell y'all about them to make sure everybody understands that missionaries, although they seem perfect, we struggle.  I am learning about my flaws and praying hard to become what the Lord wants me to be.  I can say that I love the people I serve and I love my companion!!!! :)))

I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to learn more about myself and how I can improve as I put the Lord first. I have noticed that my storytelling skills have definitely improved. This week we had two appointments with two different families. These families both had a couple kids around 14-18.  As we were with them, I took out the scriptures and tried to explain the meaning through a story.  It was as if the Spirit was right there sitting with us, because at the end, they were all leaning forward in their seats; and when we asked them when we could come back they all said as soon as we had time in our schedule for next week!  This made me so grateful for the blessings of the Spirit which I pray for each day.  In the past, I remember times where I couldn't tell a story to save my life.  I would screw up the punch line and tell things out of order.  It is frustrating to have so many weaknesses!  Anyway, the blessings never cease and I find myself continually learning how much I depend on the Lord for guidance and the very words to say. I am learning that it is not about me.  

This week we saw a girl named Emily. She has been through and has seen lots of things in her life that would make the you weep. Hern and her other comps had previously knocked on her door and were able to share a short and sweet message of the gospel, but had never been invited in her home. This time was different, she not only invited us in, but she poured her heart out to us. She is such a sweet girl and I feel a special connection to her since she is only 17.  We were able to teach her about repentance and the miracle of being able to forgive others. I hope whatever we said resonated with her and that we will be able to meet with her next week and teach a legit lesson. 

This Friday, Hern and I got to go back to Ontario and see Bryan get baptized!! The service itself was great and I loved catching up with my old comps and with the members who came to see and support Bryan.  On the ride back home, I reminded myself how impossible it is to teach people about the gospel if the church weren't true.  I am more convinced each day that the church is led by Christ himself!  Oh how I love the perfectness of this Gospel.

Yesterday was Sunday, as soon as sacrament meeting was over, I looked behind me and what did I find? Lo and behold, a white boy that seemed very out of place, the one and the only Colton Cubbedge! (my cousin) I ran up to him with excitement, then forgot I couldn't hug him.  We exchanged numbers and we will be having dinner with Michelle's family in Caldwell East stake very soon! 

In my study of el Libro de Mormon, I was reading the Isaiah chapters which Nephi quotes, but I didn't have the diligence to translate and attempt to comprehend what I can't even understand in English. So, I skipped Isaiah and went straight into 2 Nephi 25. I love that chapter!!! It gives us so much revelation about these latter days. I can spend forever pondering and talking about it.  I love the Book of Mormon!  Isaiah is hard!

Anyway familia! I love y'all and hope you have a blessed week!

Hermana Moss

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