Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 57 March 28, 2016 Easter & Zone Meeting & Mission Leadership Council. Hermana Webb!

Hola familia!

We had a good week! I want to start off by expressing how much I love my companion, Hermana Webb. She is so loving and patient, I can see myself working really well with her this transfer. At the beginning of the transfer, I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to train, but I realized that I would be much better off doing HIS will than my own. I am so glad that He knows me better than myself. We had a rough week in with some  health issues.  I almost had to take my comp to the ER in the middle of the night. Let's just say that I am so grateful to be surrounded by worthy priesthood leaders. Everything is fine now, so no worries.  Whew!

Monday was an emotional day for me because that was the day that I had to say goodbye to Hermana Hernandez. I can't believe she finished her mission already!!! We met up with her and her family at a restaurant in town. We had so much fun laughing and sharing stories. Before they left, I asked them to take some of my winter clothes home. So they followed us to the house so I could give them my box . Then it as finally time to say goodbye. Oh how I cried my eyes out!  I hate saying goodbye to people, that's the worst feeling ever.  All the uncertainty about seeing them again is painful.  I have truly loved all my companions.  I KNOW I will see Hern again, so I guess I was just being extra emotional. After that, we went to our branch President's house to have dinner and FHE. The activity was to go fishing in the creek behind his house but it was so cold outside that we didn't catch anything:(  We will probably go again just to show president how good my fishing skills are.  Do y'all remember when we went camping and I was the only one who caught a fish?  Good times!

Wednesday we had mission leadership council in Caldwell. Haha each time I go back, I have to fight the urge to stay. I really love that place, that is where I grew the most and where all those people that I grew so close to live.  Anyway, the meeting was really good. The focus was how to strengthen the missionaries in our perspective zones and how to strengthen those we teach.  All the STL's were also asked to participate in a separate meeting to discuss the planning of a mission-wide sister's meeting that will take place later on this transfer. I was really excited for this because when I came into the mission, I had just missed it. So this one is going to be extra good because I get to plan it and it will  be my first and last. 

Thursday, we had a service activity at the Webster's house. We moved all the chopped wood to a different side of the house and organized it. I am so glad I was involved in so many service activities before my mission! It taught me to work hard and don't quit until the job gets done. Y'all won't believe how many sisters but mostly elders who can't put their shoulder to the wheel and work for more than 15 minutes.  It's sad really to see the sisters out-work the elders. But in their defense, I like to work even harder to make sure I get to participate. 

Friday we had zone meeting. We were asked to give a training on the role of the Spirit in conversion. For this, we had lots of materials to share, including a poem that Webb has called "He's been there before", it's about a missionary who is having a hard time and at the end of the day he has a vision where he gets to talk with the Lord himself.  It is really touching so we made copies for all the members of the zone and had them read a paragraph out loud. Y'all probably won't be able to find it online and I won't be able to write it all out, but the parts that hit home for me were, "My attention towards my Savior need to be total and complete!  He says,"Your mission is similar to what happened to me.  I understand how you feel, I know what you a re going through; in fact, it would be fair to say I've felt the same as how you felt when no one listened to you. At times I felt not quite sure what else to do...I see you don't like your companion, you would rather have someone else.  I once had a companion named Judas who sold my life for wealth...Your hands hurt from tracting and knocking on doors all day... I guess when they pounded nails into mine, they ached in a similar way. It's hard not to hear from home when your family is not there to see.  I lost communication on the cross and cried, "Father why hast thou forsaken me?"  We have a lot in common, but there is a difference between us you see, I endured to the end and finished my mission, so follow me and do like me.  He embraced me with His arms, His light filled me with his love. With tears in my eyes, I watched as he went back to His Father above... No matter what we go through when we feel we can't take any more, just stop and think about Jesus Christ, He's been there before.

When I read this I immediately felt close to Him and remember how his mission was so much harder than mine.  But it gives me great comfort that I can rely on him everyday to reassure me that I am doing the right thing and that even though I am not seeing immediate results, my efforts aren't in vain. This past Sunday was Easter, or in Spanish el Dia de Pascua. I love this holiday because it focuses on his resurrection and his life rather than his death.  He has given his life so I can live mine more fully and with more purpose.  I will do anything for him because he has done everything for me. That is why I came out on my mission, to teach these people about his perfect love and how they can come closer to him.  By the time y'all read this, I hope you have spent your time wisely on Easter and have taken every opportunity to give thanks and remember Him. 

Sunday was super awesome! We ended up teaching gospel principles last minute because our ward mission leader had to stay home and take care of his sick wife. Relief Society was the best part because one of the recent converts we see regularly taught her first lesson as a counselor in the RS presidency. She was really nervous because it was her first time teaching and she was scared to be judged by the other hermanas in the branch. We went over the night before and helped her with her lesson outline and do some brain storming. The lesson went really well and she came up with a great object lesson too.  She ended up a few minutes short so I had to think on the spot of some things to fill the time. I decided to share some of the lines from the poem that we shared in zone meeting. Everybody felt the Spirit in that hour, I'm sure of it. We also had 3 different dinners that night.  We were so full by the time we got home, I had a huge stomach ache haha! 

Have a great week familia.  Much love,

Hermana Moss :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016 Week 56 Transfers Done! I'm staying!

Hola familia!

This week was literally the most stressful of my entire life. But on the bright side, I have defeated my transfer, always gotta look for the positive.  :)

We have been so busy seeing people this week and trying to get them to take pictures with Eko.. Pobrecita (poor thing), she doesn't want to go home and it is like the carpet is being pulled from right under her feet. I can totally see myself in her shoes in the next 5 months, and it makes me sick to my stomach. I loved being with Eko, but I hated sending her home. I never want my mission to be over.

Thursday, she had her temple trip and I was in a trio with Guti and Sister Eckery in Nampa!! I had so much fun there!  First we went to help teach an English class, then we discussed the bible with some Pentecostals, after that, we had dinner and a lesson with a less active and her husband who is not a member.  It was so cute how he opened up and shared parts of the 1st lesson with us.  The Spirit was so strong that it moved all of us to tears. I haven't had a lesson like that in a long time. It's experiences like these that lead me to come out on a mission. I can't imagine how my life would be if I decided not to serve a mission, this has been such a pivotal part of my life that I will cherish and never forget.

Saturday we got transfer calls...(drum roll)  I am staying in Ontario as an STL!  My new companion's name is Hermana Webb!!  I am excited to be with her and see some great miracles, I have a feeling this is going to be an even greater transfer than the last!!  I have been struggling trying to get what and who I want for this transfer, but through prayer I came to the quick and stress-free conclusion that I am going to do the Lord's will no matter who I am with.

Sunday was the day of all days, the day that Eko's parents came to sacrament meeting to pick her up. It was not as emotional as I expected it to be, but I shed tears thinking that it will be me some day soon.  It was so nice to be able to meet her folks and get to know them just a little bit.  Since she planned to be with her parents the rest of Sunday afternoon, I had to spend the evening with the English sisters until it was time to pick up Webb on Monday.  I had fun with them too and am so glad they didn't get transferred. Transfers are probably the worst things about a mission!! Change has always been hard for me, and even though things change all the time, I still haven't gotten used to it.

Today is the first day of Spring, which means that this coming Sunday is Easter! This time almost 2000 years ago, our Lord and Savior left the Garden tomb completely resurrected. Conquering physical and spiritual death, he offers us the greatest gift that money could never buy.  I appreciate this opportunity to remember Him and His sacrifice and share this message with others.  I invite y'all to watch the #Alelujah video the church came out with for this year's Easter message. (in Spanish of course)

Alright familia!  Have a great week.  I love you all! :)

Hermana Moss

Hermana Eko

I'm back!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 55 March 14, 2016

Hola familia!

This week was a little slow for us.  We didn't get to teach as many people as we would have liked, probably because both Eko and I are sick with a cold.  I have had mine for a while and I finally paid a visit to a walk-in clinic. Seemed like it was time to get better. 

Thursday we had a zone conference with La Grande. It was focused on different topics, but my favorite talk was given by Sister Cannon. She spoke about being zealous to save souls. I am so sad that the Cannons will be finishing up their mission soon. By the time they leave, I will have about 3 weeks with the new mission president.   I will miss them.

Right after zone conference, I went on exchanges with Sister Abello in La Grande, which meant another 2 1/2 hour drive, except this time, it was during the day and I got to see the beautiful mountain scenery along the way. We had a great teaching day on Friday.  Normally, they struggle to find people to teach in the mornings, and the people they do try to visit do not open their doors.  It's funny that Abello was telling me about this and was grateful to be on exchanges with me because she thought that maybe I would bring better luck to the area.. I was a little nervous when she was saying this because I didn't want her to be disappointed, but it turned out that everyone we went to see opened their door to us!  Wow!  Sometimes things just work out.  The Lord prepares people and missionaries bring the faith!  haha!

Sorry this letter is short.  Hopefully this week will be better, being the last week of the transfer. I am SOOOO nervous and transfer-anxious.  I just want this transfer week to be over and get on with it!  I'll let you know what happens.

Love y'all!
Hermana Moss

Love that photo stick!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 7, 2016 Week 54 Wedding and Baptism

Hola familia!

This week we did a lot of service. If sore & tight muscles are a sign of all the hard work we did, I embrace it.  I love Ontario, it's so tiny that everybody knows everybody in town. The small town feeling is so cozy, it reminds me of that song by Tim McGraw called "Meanwhile Back at Mama's".

Monday was Leap Year and also little Allison Meza's birthday! She is 4 years old, but technically she is only 1!  Crazy how that happens.  Ekonomo and I went all out and gave her balloons and a card that said happy 1st birthday. It was more of a joke that the older kids could understand than her noticing the joke herself, but I think Ally still thought it was the most amazing card ever.  Her smile lights up my day. The trophy for cutest laugh goes to her, hands down. Later that night, we went on exchanges with the sisters in LaGrande....2 and a half hours away!!  I drove because Sister Sorenson had a headache. We talked about a lot of stuff during our drive back. The next day we went to a service activity at a crazy lady's house. She had us take wallpaper off from what she called the 'bunny room'. Afterward, we went to see some other people and had lunch at a Thai restaurant. I got my favorite, yellow curry chicken, so good!! 

Thursday, we saw an investigator named Josephina. She is the mother of one of the converts in the Branch and she is probably the best self-progressing investigator I've ever met. She would get baptized today if she could and she is working on some things and also trying to get her birth certificate fixed from Mexico. We went over because she asked us to help color her hair. As we were talking, she told us that she is planning on getting married in April/May.  I was so happy for her!! She is dying to become a member of the church and a faithful, covenant keeping convert. Our prayers are being answered for her :)  

Later that day, we went to the Webster's home so I could make a goodbye blanket for Ekonomo.  She is going home in 2 weeks:(  I bought material and asked Sister Webster for her help in cutting and tying the ends.  Eko was so happy to see and feel her blanket because it was really soft!  I will miss her.

Saturday, we went to a baptism in Nyssa for Norma, a girl that I helped teach during my exchange with the sisters. Norma had asked that I be present, so we switched things around a little bit so we could go.  The baptism was great and the Spirit was strong.  I was so glad I got to go.  Also, to our wonderful surprise, ALL the hermanas in the mission were there!! It was funny because at least one hermana in each companionship has been in Nyssa and taught Norma. Thank goodness I was involved in teaching her too, I love baptisms and I am grateful I got to see Norma make covenants with her Heavenly Father.  That's why I am here!  I even got to see Hermana Nora because she drove the Caldwell sisters up for the baptism! (oh how I miss Caldwell...) Anyway we all got Denny's for lunch afterwards and took a hundred pictures together. 

Later Saturday night, we were enlisted to help serve food for a wedding in Fruitland.  Apparently it was super last minute, and they needed all the help they could get. Not many people showed up except for close family and friends because the couple getting married weren't getting sealed in the temple. It was one of those occasions where we don't ask and they don't tell. There was some extra time where we got to see a part of the ceremony while sitting in the back row. The bride and groom were both happy looking at each other lovingly, but there was something missing. I had a serious contemplation moment in that chapel: I realized that I will not sacrifice a temple marriage for anything or anyone! Why would I want to be with someone or have kids with someone that I couldn't be sealed to?  I won't chance getting married to a non-member and hope that he would accept the Gospel in the future.  It just isn't worth the risk, plus we would be missing out on eternal blessings all along the way.

Sunday we went to the Webster's again for Brother Webster's 65th birthday. We made him a candy board. We had a lot of fun and he loved his present:)  Being there felt like home. 

Have a good week y'all!
I love you.
Hermana Moss :)