Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 25, 2016 Week 48 B-ball game & facials & Dalin H. Oaks

Hola familia!!

This week went by super fast. This is a 7 week transfer due to last transfer only being 5 weeks due to  missionaries returning home before Christmas. Next transfer will also be a 7 week transfer to compensate for the 3 week MTC time change. It's sad because I've spent 5 transfers here in Caldwell and I don't even have the same amount of transfers left before I finish my mission. I want to be home and be with family, but I want my mission to feel like I completed the whole amount of time, I feel jipped! Haha!  I want a do-over.

This past Monday we went to a less active family and celebrated one of their daughters' birthdays! It was a lot of fun and made me happy that we were there to share this special day with little Caty. 

Wednesday was a full day for us, in the morning we had a special training broadcasted live from Salt Lake. The entire missionary board and other members of the quorum of the twelve were there to talk to all the missionaries around the world about things we need help focusing on. I took copious amounts of notes and still feel like I didn't write enough. It was a fantastic meeting.  I learned a few things that I am applying now. One of the things I really liked was something that Dallin H. Oaks said, "Good Christian living, and good intentions can't bring people to salvation, it has to be through the waters of baptism." It also reminded me of a talk also given by Dallin H. Oaks called "Have You Been Saved?", that was included in our Timeless Treasures booklet. (President Cannon puts together a yearly edition of compiled talks and discussions and gives a copy to every missionary in the Idaho Nampa mission) I enjoyed reading that a lot and I suggest that everyone read that talk from Dallin H. Oaks. 

On Wednesday evening, we went to a middle school basketball game to support an investigator whom the English sisters in our district are teaching. Last week on exchanges, I met the family and promised them I would come to his first game of the season.  I even made posters and everything! We got there on time, which is a rare for us because of the missionary, Mexican, Mormon, Mujer standard time that works against us. It was soooo awkward for us to walk in and have everybody staring at us. I'm used to catching people's glances because of our proselyting outfits, but this time it was different. I felt so out of place and unwanted. It made me feel a little bit like the Savior when he walked into places where he knew he was un-liked and unwanted and felt uncomfortable. But it wasn't long until we met up with the other sisters and we sat and cheered in our little fan group. It was super cool because at the end of the game, his team won:)

Thursday we had a weekly planning. This is where we have the chance to do paperwork and organize our activities for the upcoming week. This is also where we get to do comp inventory, most of the time it's uncomfortable because you never know if your comp can take criticism or not. Smith has only been out 4 transfers which means she's still pretty green, so she still has a lot to learn. Being with her has been difficult because she was just switched to Spanish, it's as if she has to be trained all over again, but she also does not feel confident with her skills and becomes discouraged often. This has been hard for me because not only do I have to buoy her up but I also have to do the same with myself. I took this comp inventory time to sit her down and tell her the things she needed to hear, and I tried to do it as lovingly yet straightforward as I could. After a long talk, we hugged and everything turned out better than I hoped it would. This is exactly what you call tough love. I love Smith with all of my heart and I want nothing more than for her to succeed and to reach her full potential. I have learned not everybody is like me, but you know what? I'm glad it's that way. 

This is the last week of the transfer and I'm 80% sure that I am getting transferred. I am writing thank you notes to all the people that I know here that have influenced me for the good and am planning on taking pictures with them, so expect a million pictures next week if it happens.

Have a great week familia!

Hermana Moss:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 47 January 18, 2016

Hola familia!

Wow, reading y'all's emails, it sounds like everybody is having so much fun.  Everyone is going on missions and college or dying.  Thanks bros for informing me of David Bowie and Alan Rickman.  The Plan of Salvation is real!! Geesh!  I am kinda glad I'm not home so I don't have to deal with all the grieving. The mission is the place to be, for sure! 

On Tuesday it was Hawn's birthday! So Smith and I and Hermana Gonzales went to their apartment early and made breakfast for her. It was a lot of fun surprising her.  :)  Birthday shout-out to Merriam too! I hope you had an amazing day!!!!! :))))

I went on exchanges on Wednesday with an English trio, which was super fun! I didn't even think to get a photo because I am sadly developing mission brain. It is very similar to mom brain, but it's combined with severe lack of rest, oh yeah, that is mom brain. Haha!  That reminds me of when Collins was still here, she used to lose everything and she would call it object displacement amnesia (ODA).  I was really worried about leaving Smith alone for a whole day because I know she struggles with her Spanish and being with an STL who doesn't speak Spanish really doesn't help. But it all worked out okay. :)  Right after we exchanged back, we had quarterly interviews with President Cannon. This is the time we get to ask him anything we want and we report to him how we are doing and if we need to talk to him personally, this is the time to do it. I took this opportunity to ask him a question that was concerning me: I know that I was prompted to go on a mission, is there a certain person I need to meet, or something specific that I need to do? and what if I don't accomplish those things before I go home? He reassured me that although we aren't sure why we needed to serve a mission, or for whom, that we sometimes forget that missions are literally opportunities to do service. That was what I needed to hear from him, and it was an answer to prayers. With this new perspective  I can now relax knowing that although I may not know right now why I am serving, I also don't need to know! That is not for me to worry about and instead of worrying, I should be trying to do my best and then my answers will come.  In the future, I'll know why. Discouragement is part of the mission.  I am going to work hard and depend on the Lord with all that I've got and see what happens.

One of the less active families that we used to visit frequently, the Palominos, just moved to Nampa and one of the daughters moved into their old house. Her name is Daisy and I loveeee her so much!!!!  She's a single mom of 3 adorable kids whom I love with all of my heart. We visit them every other day and check up on her and are befriending her. I know one of these days she will come back to church.

After my interview with President Cannon, I sat and talked with Sister Cannon and she told us all about the new Spanish missionaries coming to our mission.  I am so excited!! It becomes more of a guessing game really, because there are only 10 spanish speaking hermanas in the mission and we have all been companions before, so these sisters will be our direct companions.

Sunday we were sitting in an English ward and the youth speaker said something really interesting that I liked, her talk was about revelation and how we can strengthen our relationship with our Heavenly Father. She said, don't expect a million dollar answer from a 5 cent prayer. Haha! this is so true, and I am going to try and apply that everyday of my life from now on. 

Welp familia! I love y'all! Stay safe.  :)

Hermana Moss

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 46 January 11, 2016

Hola familia!

This week was less stressful than last week's which was good. We still struggle to fill our days with visits and lessons. I think last week if I remember correctly, I was overwhelmed with too many areas to tract, but now we have a reasonable sized area where we now are struggling to find people who are interested in hearing us. Haha it must sound like I am never satisfied, but can y'all blame me? 

On Tuesday, Smith and I made Mom's lasagna casserole that she would always make for me! The first day we gobbled almost half of it!! It reminded me of home and gave me some good laughs:) Later that day we had an appointment with Brandy & Noe and their kids, we taught them the plan of salvation! I can teach that lesson a million times and I will never be bored by it because it is just so wonderful. This family was very receptive, and they accepted a baptismal date for a day in February! I am so excited for them, and their desire to follow Jesus Christ. Noe is the brother of our Spanish ward mission leader and he was very excited to hear the good news. Actually he was a little bit surprised because he came to the realization a long time ago that his brother just wasn't interested in learning about the church. But now that has changed and I hope to see them progressing very nicely and fitting right into the ward.

Our Spanish ward bishop has assigned us to go and visit all the less actives in the ward and then write down all the things we learn about them and report it the next time we see him. We diligently went and visited a bunch of new people that we hadn't met before. They recognized us quickly and made us feel welcome in their home. It is surprising to me that so many people, especially Hispanics, go inactive because of what someone said in church to offend them or the fact that a few weeks would go by and nobody in the ward would come and visit them to see how they were doing. Grrr this made me so frustrated!!! Why can't these people understand that the members of the ward are human and make mistakes? Why can't they just forgive, move on, and forget the past? If somebody tried to make me feel bad about myself, that shouldn't change the fact that the gospel is still true and going to church is still important!!

More disappointing news is that we feel the need to stop visiting Xochitl for a while. Turns out that she has been hiding behind the excuse of being mad at us so we wouldn't  find out that she has been involved in a larger and more complex web of lies. I will always love Caldwell with all of my heart, but the drama here is palpable. I will also always love Xochitl and the opportunity I had to teach her the gospel, but I realize that some people like chaos and we are sowers of a stronger and deeper spiritual conversion. 

This week in my reading of El Libro de Mormon, I am studying about Abinadi and even though he never saw a single baptism he was the tool in the hands of the Lord in helping convert hundreds of people after he died. His unfailing example strengthens me everyday.
Sad to hear about David Bowie's passing, I know he is in a better place. (Alma 40)

Welp familia I love you and hope you know that the gospel is true no matter what anybody says to persuade you differently.  Fijasen su vista hacia los cielos!

Hermana Moss :)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 4th, 2016 Week 45 Sledding in Idaho

Hola familia!

This week was stressful. Our proselyting area covers the 1st, 3rd, and 15th wards. But lately we've been getting a lot of referrals for the 5th,12th, and YSA wards (which we have previously been relieved from those areas.) So with now double the work/area, Smith and I have been a little overwhelmed. Not to mention the Spanish ward is all sorts of unorganized, including all the gossip that circulates around.. Sometimes I feel like the missionaries are working on disaster control. Some of our investigators are making themselves scarce and being hard-headed. Gahhh!! Why do Lamanites have to be so frustrating to work with?!?! But towards the end of the week we decided to give the Elders these areas and the referrals that go along with them, as well as Jovany (he needs fellow-shippers really bad and we have been swamped with our new areas. (We have already taught him everything and he still isn't progressing towards baptism like he used to before).  The elders have been having a hard time finding people to teach and by the end of this transfer they will have all their area all tracted out. I think with all the new work and changes, they will find plenty to do now. 

On a happier note, Hernandez and I went sledding on Monday with some of the members in the ward! It was so fun! Smith and Hawn didn't want to come because they didn't have good snow boots, but it was okay because they don't like the snow that much anyway. On New Year's Eve all the missionaries were asked to be inside by 6pm. So Smith and I watched all 3 of The Work and Glories!!! It was a good night.

Last transfer when Collins and I were together, we tracted into a really cool family and haven't really been able to catch them until this past Friday!!! We walked into a battle field it seemed like. The mom and dad rolled out all their religious questions on us, and we had to jump around teaching parts from lessons 1-4. I loved their curiosity, but now we are confused on which lesson to start teaching them. It's a good problem I guess.  :)

On Sunday we went to see a less active return missionary who served in Chile. It was sad to think that it's fairly common for RM's go inactive once they get home. We got in there and lit a little fire underneath her feet, so hopefully she will be reminded of the experiences she had as a missionary and will come back to church soon. 

Welp familia, I know I didn't write a lot this week, but I have a feeling next week will be better(: Thanks for all the support!
Love you tons!

Hermana Moss

Friday, January 1, 2016

December 28, 2015 Week 44

Hola familia!!!

I have soooo much to say, literally everything happened!!!! But first I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!! I loved seeing the family and catching up with you all.  I love you so much.

On Monday, Hawn, Hern, Smith and I made turkey tamales on the 24th :) All I have to say is the turkey was fresh!

On Wednesday we had a special Christmas Conference back in my greenie area in Ontario!!! We left early so I could see the Meza family!!!! Only Santiago, Kimberly, Juanito, and Alison were home though. They are still going strong and it was so good to see them doing so well :) Then we went to see the Mills family!!! I loved reconnecting, I don't think I ever smiled so hard. The actual conference was really cool! We had a white elephant exchange, a sing-along, and watched a movie called 'Miracle Maker'. Overall it was the funnest conference I ever attended. 

On Christmas Eve, Hawn, Hern, Smith and I made 200 tamales at Juan's. Then we went to an investigator's house and make 100 more! My hands and finger nails smelled of masa for the next 2 days.  On Saturday, all 4 of us, along with some of the Spanish elders went to do some service at the Benitez'.  We helped them take out their floorboards and carpet so they could remodel. Then we all went to the Palominos to help them move. I was super sore the next day, but it is fun to serve the people of Nampa!!  :P 

Christmas day was awesome!!! We spent the day visiting people and eating, it was glorious. Of course, the best part of the day was face-timing fam!! Thank y'all for inviting me to share my testimony in Spanish. As soon as we were done, I realized that my Spanish isn't as bad as when I started!! I finally feel like I'm comfortable speaking.  On Sunday, I was asked to translate some Spanish talks into english for Sacrament meeting; I'm not sure how fluid or accurate it was, but I feel like I am getting better all the time.

On Sunday, we woke up and got ready to go to church, but as we left the driveway I noticed that my right tire was completely flat!!!!! Being the driver, I know for a fact that I didn't pop it or anything. No biggie, I drove it carefully back to where we normally park it and I began to set myself up to take the tire off and put the spare on. I am solo glad dad taught me how to change a tire, because Smith had no idea how to do it. It was snowing this morning, which means it was super cold. I went back inside to put warmer clothes on and when I came out the ward mission leader drove up and offered to help us. He came completely out of nowhere!!! I soon realized that the task was easier said than done because the snow made it difficult for the jack to have stable ground to sit on. We eventually got the donut on and we thanked Brother Allred before he left. Smith and I got into the car and I offered a prayer of gratitude. I started bawling!!! Heavenly Father knew that we needed help, even though we didn't ask, he knew exactly the right person to send at the exact moment that we needed help. It was a miracle. It reminded me of the scripture on my plaque from D&C 84:88. He is watching over His missionaries and I definitely felt the hand of God this cold, early Sunday morning. 

Alright familia! Have a great New Year!! Los Quiero mucho:)

Hermana Moss