Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 24, 2015 Week 26

Hola Familia!

I've got a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it, like always! This week was another one of those highs and lows.. In particular we had to drop one of our investigators named Dalia. She was really open to the gospel but hasn't been progressing much because she wants her husband to be baptized along with her, except her husband is a brick wall and isn't very interested in religion period.  When I was in Ontario, we had fiery debates about when to drop someone, but in this case, Hern and I agreed unanimously, for her own good. We drop people for 2 reasons: 1.  They tell us to stop coming and 2.  They aren't progressing.  The more we teach them the more responsible they are for the knowledge they gain in the courts of heaven, so we don't want to condemn them with knowledge when they aren't progressing. It was hard to tell her that we can't come over anymore because she is a wonderful woman!  Gahh!  It killed me. 
This week my comp, Hern, and I have been struggling to get to places on time. Normally we joke around with people and tell everybody that we are always going to be late for 4 huge reasons: Mormon. Mexican. Missionary. Mujer (woman). Sometimes we even tell people that we were busy saving squirrels that were dying on the road to get to our destination.. It doesn't usually convince them.  Anyway I think it was Wednesday where it kinda just hit the fan for me. We were an hour late to this service project that was supposed to start around 9, but as we were on our way, the other sisters who were in charge of the service activity told us that it had actually started at 8 and that they were almost done!  Since we were super late, Hern hadn't had time to put on her makeup before we had to scurry out of the house.  She was still putting on her makeup while the service project was about to finish and it made me so upset. We had a long discussion afterward and we are ok now.  I am grateful for my experiences on my mission as they are surely going to make me a better person.  I love Hern!

It's time to focus on the positives now... For Carlos' baptism his Aunt, Lina, had come all the way from Mexico to see him and his family and visit for a while. She was previously investigating the church down in Guadalajara and was excited to meet us. I think it was Thursday that we came to her sister's house where she is staying and gave her the first lesson on the Restoration. Hern and I switched off and when it came time to talk about Joseph Smith and the First Vision, it was as if Joseph Smith was there himself speaking through me and testifying of when he saw the Father and Jesus Christ, it was beautiful!  I had no idea I could speak like that in SPANISH, and bring that immediate spirit to the lesson. It was not me, and ya' know what?  I think I saw Hern cry a little bit from the corner of my eyes. When we wrapped up the lesson, we invited her to baptism and she accepted a date for September 19th! I love Lina so much and I know that she has been prepared for us to teach her here in Idaho. I can't wait to plan another baptism!!! :)

On Sunday, Hern and I were asked to speak in one of the English wards we cover because the other speakers backed out last minute. My talk was about forgiveness, but I also tied it to repentance. I loved preparing for this talk because I got to learn more about the Savior and his earthly ministry.  I shared the story of when the Pharisees brought the adulteress before Christ and they asked him to decide what should be done. Back then, when someone was caught in adultery the person would be stoned according to the law of Moses. The Pharisees knowing this, wanted to trick Christ if he picked one of 2 options: stone her and show no mercy, or show mercy and disobey the law of Moses.  But Christ discerned their thoughts and gave the most perfect answer, he told them that he who is without sin let them cast the 1st stone.  Then after everyone dispersed, Christ picked up this woman and told her that he wasn't going to condemn her and let her go and sin no more. Lots of people misunderstand that Christ didn't let her get off scot-free.  He knew that she hadn't had time to repent yet and as far as we know she may have had a long repentance process.  The second he COMMANDED her to go and sin no more, it was over.  It wasn't just a piece of good advice that he thought of last second. He knew she was remorseful and he gave her a 2nd chance.

Oh familia, I miss you all bunches! This week Merriam sent me a card with 2 wedding invitations of friends I made back at the Y... it near scared me half to death. I want to remind everyone that they are not allowed to get married before I get home!!!!!

Welp, I love you all and hope you have a blessed semana!

Hermana Moss

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