Monday, August 15, 2016

Final post. Everyone was home! Farewell Nampa, my heart is with you always! See you tomorrow Mom & Dad

Hola familia!
This week was the greatest! Definitely the best way to end my mission was to work hard to the finish! This week we finally caught more people at home, but for the most part summers are super busy for our investigators. This is the only time where they have to work their hardest and earn as much money as they can.

Monday was Hermana Nichols’ birthday, and we celebrated it by going to dinner since we didn't have anybody signed up. Almost every time that happens somebody always catches us and asks to pay for our meal. I am going to miss that benefit for sure. hahaha! The Lord takes care of his servants, especially when they are hungry!

Tuesday we had dinner with the Palominos family, yum! I am really going to miss that family, I have been through so much with them. But the most surprising part was that no tears were shed!! And actually I didn't cry this whole week when I was saying goodbye to people!! Weird, right? I am usually such a crybaby!  I am exercising my faith that I will be seeing them when I come back for Thanksgiving so much so that I won’t have to feel the pain of saying goodbye to them, it just hurts too much!!

Wednesday was my last district meeting! Elder Elliott, our district leader, gave me some time to share my last thoughts on what I learned from my mission, and that was my tear-fest for the whole week. Then we went to Tango’s afterwards, one of my favorite places to eat.  Then we had an amazing lesson with Jorge, Candi’s husband. He is a good guy, but he struggles to make decisions conducive to getting baptized. He even told us that he wants to be baptized, but he fears that he will go back to his old ways once the temptations come, and he was worried about some other things too. But we talked with him about goal making and the first steps to bring him closer to his Savior, so hopefully he will put that into practice. Then we had dinner with the Websters at Applebees, and Tata came too even though he was in bad shape!! I really love them, and they have also played a big role in helping me during some hard times back in Ontario. The whole faith thing that I will see them again doesn't even come into question because I WILL see them again! hahaha no doubts there.

Thursday was my last day to do weekly planning. I am not sure I will miss that haha! I like the paper work but using the power of discernment to know what to teach somebody next when it comes to their salvation is really difficult and stressful. Then we went out and taught some new investigators, Leo and Leslie, that we found tracting a couple weeks ago. I can see them taking the lessons and living the gospel to the fullest, they are super cool! Afterwards we had cena with the Fishers from Caldwell at Burnt Lemon. Unfortunately, only Sister Fisher and Annabelle could make it, but it turned out great because she gave me some great advise and counsel to ease my mind when I go home and get released. I don't know what sort of gift God gave her, but she has the ability to just see right through me and tell me the exact things that I needed to hear, plus she cracks me up!!
Friday was the best day by far because I got special permission, aka my dying wish, to go to Caldwell and see Juan and Nora get married!!!!! Nancy showed up with Gideon too!! That day was really special for me. I was very blessed to have the chance to see some of my favorite people that day look forward to the eternities as they were married civilly. This time next year, they will be going through the temple to get sealed, and that makes me so happy for them!!

Saturday we had a set appointment in the evening, so we took the opportunity to see everyone from the area book that Smith and Nichols hadn't met yet, and thankfully most of them were home!. I have confidence that they will take good care of the area and more importantly the people in it, they are great missionaries!! That night we had an amazing lesson with Christina and taught her the plan of salvation, and she is also progressing very well. She had her own little miracle this week and was gifted a car by some people she knew from the homeless shelter. I love her so much and I hope she will continue to feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost and desire to be baptized by the right priesthood authority. That was my last full lesson of my whole mission, and it was spent so well:) Sunday after church we went by the Fishers so I could say goodbye to Bro Fisher, because he was jealous that he didn’t get to see me when this week haha. Then we had a posole dinner with the Paniaguas, my last dinner in my mission, also spent well haha:) The Paniaguas are such a wonderful family, and I just connected with them so well, they have a special place in my heart!

Well.. I guess this is the part where I share my share my testimony, huh? Where do I even begin? How did I even start to share the most wonderful experience of my entire life? How do I even explain to y'all how much this has meant to me? How do I even express my gratitude to my Savior who has spent everyday with me shoulder to shoulder during the hardest yet most rewarding times I've ever had? I can't and I think that is the whole point. My mission has been the greatest opportunity to grow in the gospel and learn at the feet of my Redeemer. I have never felt Him so close and at the same time so far away. Every trial and miracle that I have seen has strengthened me and I can attribute it all to Him! The message that I carry has not just enriched the lives of the people that I have met and taught, but it has done the same and maybe even more for me. The gospel has been restored by a true prophet who was called of God to carry out this sacred work, and this same prophet, Joseph Smith, was the one who translated a record of scripture that I hold very close to my heart, the Book of Mormon. This book alone has allowed me to feel the spirit of God and has changed me from the inside out, I have been converted to this gospel and will continue to have experiences that will testify of its divinity. I have had a lot of time to ponder and ask my Heavenly Father in prayer if my mission was acceptable in His eyes, and he has given me the answer YES! He loves me and cherishes me, my work here on my mission was directed by Him the whole time and He has lead me to chose righteously through my agency. One of my greatest moments was willingly giving myself to Him so that He could use me to touch the lives of His children one by one, I am forever indebted to Him.  It has been and honor to represent Jesus Christ for the last 18 months, but this does not mean that I will take this badge from my heart. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and I will be for the rest of my eternity. I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, my Savior, my friend, and my hero, Amen. 

Welp familia, I can say so much more, but mere written words won't do it justice. I will see you tomorrow, but never forget- there is an herman a misionera praying for y'all from the sacred mission field of Nampa, Idaho. 

Con mucho amor, Hermana Chelsea Moss:)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Week 76 August 8, 2016 Justice & Mercy, Valaria’s Baptism, the goat in the cul de sac, more weeds, Exit meeting with President Sorenson, The Temple & more freinds

Hola familia!!

I wanted to start my email off this week with something I learned in my personal study from Alma 42 about mercy and justice.

13 Therefore, according to justice, the plan of redemption could not be brought about, only on conditions of repentance of men in this probationary state, yea, this preparatory state; for except it were for these conditions, mercy could not take effect except it should destroy the work of justice. Now the work of justice could not be destroyed; if so, God would cease to be God.
14 And thus we see that all mankind were fallen, and they were in the grasp of justice; yea, the justice of God, which consigned them forever to be cut off from his presence.
15 And now, the plan of mercy could not be brought about except an atonement should be made; therefore God himself atoneth for the sins of the world, to bring about the plan of mercy, to appease the demands of justice, that God might be a perfect, just God, and a merciful God also.

As I read all of this, I thought about how the whole plan of salvation works and how integral it was for Adam and Eve to experience the Fall. If they did not eat of the fruit, we wouldn't have been able to come to this earth. If God didn't mercifully send His only Begotten Son to atone for the sins of the world, then there would be no purpose to our existence. And so as we come to understand our objective in this probationary state, logically speaking, every minute that we do not lean on or depend upon the Savior’s Atonement is spiritually wasted!

18 Now, there was a punishment affixed, and a just law given, which brought remorse of conscience unto man.
20 And also, if there was no law given against sin men would not be afraid to sin.
21 And if there was no law given, if men sinned what could justice do, or mercy either, for they would have no claim upon the creature?
22 But there is a law given, and a punishment affixed, and a repentance granted; which repentance, mercy claimeth; otherwise, justice claimeth the creature and executeth the law, and the law inflicteth the punishment; if not so, the works of justice would be destroyed, and God would cease to be God.

And what do we all receive when we come to this earth? The light of Christ, and by this gift we are able to discern right from wrong. Therefore when we sin, or do any wrong we feel guilty about it! But how are we born knowing that some of the things we do are wrong or not? Where do we learn this instinct? From the beginning, even before we came to Earth, we learned it all in the Pre-Earth life in the presence of Heavenly Father. It was there that he taught us all about the plan of salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, etc. It all comes together, and I hope y’all see the connection in my meager explanation.  I am so grateful for the sacrifice of our God and the willingness of our Savior to atone for our sins.  This is everything to me.

Monday we had cena with the Paniagua family. They took us to Golden Corral, and asked the staff to sing happy birthday to Hermana Nichols because her birthday was coming up soon. We had a lot of fun with them. They are the family in this ward that is cool with all of the missionaries.
Tuesday we spent a lot of time doing weekly planning, updating records, and making goals for the area. Somehow, it has taken us longer and longer each time we do it this transfer haha! And then the only set appointment we had that day got canceled, and it was disappointing because we were so ready to rock that lesson:(

Wednesday I completed my last MyPlan session. And then we tried to see people afterwards but NO ONE was home!! It was frustrating, but then we found Star at home and we got to sit down and watch a church-related movie with her:)

Thursday was the best day of the whole week!!! I started off having my departing interview with President Sorensen. It was different because it wasn't with President Cannon, but he gave me a little advise that was definitely inspired. He encouraged me not necessarily to get married, but to date when I get home. (Not to difficult right? We will see haha.) He also told me to keep in touch with my converts and the people I worked with. I wish I was able to remember more of what he said, but I can't remember right now..
After a few hours, I went back to the mission office to go to the temple!!!! The whole way I was somewhat anxious because I had invited people to come with me and I wanted them to all be able to show up in time for the session. Thankfully, they all did! I had Nana Webster from Ontario, Nora Gonzales from Caldwell, Brother Andrew from Caldwell and Candy from Nampa come with me. It was such a wonderful experience for me to be surrounded by the very people I have grown close to dressed in white with me. This temple trip though, I didn't come with a question, more I came with a prayer in my heart that Heavenly Father will continue to give me missionary opportunities and accompany me the rest of my life. My prayer was answered as I could feel my fear literally dissipate in the Celestial Room. That was the answer I needed, not to give me the courage to go home, but to ease my worries of not being able to feel the Holy Ghost as strong as I do while in the missionary field. Then we came back to the mission home and had dinner and a testimony meeting. All the departing missionaries sat in a round circle and shared their beautiful testimonies. As it turned out, I was the very last one to share mine. I started in English but then it turned to Spanish, because that was the language Heavenly Father assigned me to speak and every spiritually-growing experience I had on my mission was in Spanish. I felt the Spirit flow from me, and although there were very few people that could understand me, they could tell that I bore a strong testimony.

Friday was my last zone meeting, and as usual, it was freezing cold in that relief society room!! Afterwards, we tried to go see people that weren't home, but then we went to see our Spanish bishop's new baby! She was so adorable, and precious! Then I got to see an elder that I knew from in the CCM (Mission Training Center - Mexico). He came home early due to health issues, but it was soo good to see him! Then we had dinner with the Navarro family, the same family that Hermana Vujich ate the balut with! They are super awesome and I was glad I got to see them before I go home. Then we saw Kali Webster from Ontario and Carlos Marin and Erik from Caldwell.

Saturday morning was the baptism of Valeria Corona! She glowed as her dad had the opportunity to baptize her. It was also special because a bunch of Caldwell Spanish members also came to support Valeria. What I didn't know was that the Corona's used to attend the Caldwell ward before they moved to Nampa! I saw the Marin's, the Cardenas', and the Rodriguez's!!
After more failed attempts at visiting people, we went back to our car to drive around and see if we would have more success with another family, we saw a random goat in the middle of the Cul de Sac! We would've left it if it was a dog or cat, but it was a baby goat and we had compassion for it. Smith picked it up and we went to the houses in the neighborhood and no one knew whose goat it was. Eventually we figured it out and were covered in sweat and goat hair!! It was by far the weirdest tracting approach I have ever had, only in Idaho though!!
We went to help Jeanet pull weeds in her backyard, can anyone ever have so many weeds at one time?

Sunday we had testimony meeting in church and I got up there to bear my very own testimony. It brought me back to my farewell talk because I started crying even before I stood up to the podium! I think I only got 15 words out, but it was all I needed to say and that was all she wrote! After church we had a special lunch/dinner with the Narvais family. Their son Franky joined us. He is normally quiet and stays in his room when we come around, but we got him talking about the scary yet pivotal lessons he learned in prison. Franky surprised us with a chocolate cake that said CTR and LDS on it, it warmed my heart because on the inside of that hardened exterior he has a soft side!!  UGH!! I am going to miss my mission families, I almost don't want to say goodbye to them because that would hurt too much!! It doesn’t feel like I am leaving, it feels like I am going to get on a plane and head right back to the MTC again.

Welp familia! I love y'all and remember there is an hermana misionera praying for you!

Hermana Moss:)

Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016 Week 75 Miracles by the dozen, District Meeting, Best Tortillas ever!

Hola familia!!

This week was awesome and packed with miracles and tender mercies! We taught a lot of people and visited members so Smith and Nichols, my new companions could meet them. I have truly grown to love this area, even though it’s not the same as Ontario or Caldwell. 

Tuesday we went back to the computers so I could do MyPlan. This week had me focusing on marriage and dating, and yes it had me feeling super awkward. After that we called the elders to ask them about the address for a referral they had given us, but they couldn’t help us so we were on our own.  Then the miracle of the week happened!  We drove to the general area where we felt the house was supposed to be and then boom we found the place!! It was kind of like that scene in the Princess Bride where Inigo was in the forest looking for Wesley and he is kneeling with his sword and asking God to show him the way and as he gets up he kind of sways from side to side a couple times and just as he is about to give up, he finds the secret button!!!! Hahaha my experience was almost exactly like that but better:)

Wednesday we spent all day running around trying to find people at home. It wasn't until the end of the day that we had a solid visit with Candy. She is a member who is having some troubles in her family. But we were able to spent time with her talking about her struggles and we planned to return on Tuesday! We are really excited to meet with her again and to get her on the path to full activity with her family. 

Thursday was long for us because we spent several hours doing weekly planning. To explain everything I pulled out a white board and drew out all the families and their situations. It was cute to see Smith and Nichols take notes haha!

Friday we had a district meeting, but it was weird because normally MLC and zone meeting come first before we have DM’s in the first week of the transfer. Anyway it was a great DM, we focused on how to better teach the 1st lesson. I love it when meetings are productive because it takes an awfully good meeting to beat no meeting at all. Later that evening we had an appointment to see Irma and teach her the 3rd lesson, but she got distracted halfway through and completely destroyed the Spirit during the lesson with this super crazy story. Haha, she will be put back in the oven to bake a little bit more. But hopefully in the future she will be more prepared to take the lessons again:)

Saturday we went tracting and had a lot of success! We found 3 new families to teach!!! We are pumped to see miracles with each of them:) After that, we helped out Jeanet in her yard by pulling weeds. I am going to miss her so much!! Afterwards we saw another miracle and reconnected with Veronica! We had been teaching her with Vujich but her job has made it hard for her to meet with us. It was so good to see her after so long! Then we had an appointment to meet Christina, the investigator that showed up to church last week with Jeanet and Star, and we are going to start teaching her the lessons! Saturday was basically the best day ever!

Sunday after church we went to see the Narvais family and had lunch with them. She taught me how to make the best tortillas ever and so delicious!!! I am really going to miss them and their sweet Spirit.

Welp familia! I love y'all and don't forget there is and hermana misionera praying for you!

Con mucho amor, Hermana Moss:))

Sorry no pictures this week.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 25, 2016 Week 74 Last transfer, Investigator family comes to church, Happy Birthday Guti!

Hola familia!

This week was slow because it was my last transfer, but it was interesting because for the first time in a long time I wasn’t thinking or worrying about transfers!!!  I love my mission and everything about it, but I am about ready to come home.  However, if I was given another chance to go back out and start all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat!!!

On Tuesday I worked on MyPlan. This week it had me focused on self reliance. I loved a quote from it by Gordon B. Hinckley that I want to share, "You are moving into the most competitive age the world has ever known. All around you is competition. You need all the education you can get. Sacrifice a car; sacrifice anything that is needed to be sacrificed to qualify yourselves to do the work of the world. That world will in large measure pay you what it thinks you are worth, and your worth will increase as you gain education and proficiency in your chosen field. You have a mandate of the Lord to educate your minds, your hearts and your hands.”  This is going to be hard!!  The classes I am going to have to take are so hard, but I know that if I work hard and rely on the Lord, it will all work out. Afterward Vujich and I went to one of our new favorite restaurants called Tangos!! It is an Argentinian place that sells amazing empanadas, Dad, I am sure you could relate.  (I may have mentioned this in my last email, but it is so dang good that it is worth mentioning it again.) 

SHOUTOUT to Guti because Tuesday was her birthday!!! Wednesday we got a box together to send to Guti for her birthday!! 

Thursday we met up with Hermana Nora from Caldwell to help her choose a wedding dress. She and Juan are looking to have a small wedding before they go to Mexico. 

Friday we went to Ontario to surprise Webb at her last district meeting!!! They tried to get away with not singing God Be With you for the closing hymn but I insisted!!!! Props though, there was not a tear shed, not even from me!!! Then we had lunch with Dawn, Cena and the Websters. Gosh I miss them!! 

Saturday we got transfer calls, and I'm staying for my last 3 weeks with Hermanas Smith and Nichols!!!! Vujich is getting transferred to Ontario with Rosales and will be training!!!! Way to go Vujich! Then we spent the rest of the day packing and visiting people so they could say goodbye to Vujich. Sad times. I have come to truly love Hermana Vujich, this transfer went by way too fast for us!! 

Sunday we had a new investigator family come to church with Jeanet and Star! She was the same woman we did service for and when we came by to visit a week later, we invited her to church and she came!!

 I’ll end this with a funny saying I learned this week from some elders:

The Church is true
The Book is blue
God is Mormon, and so should you!!! hahahaha:))

Welp familia, I love y'all! Take care and know that there is an hermana misionera is praying for you everyday!!

Hermana Moss:))

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 73 July 18, 2016 - Polynesian Dance, Miracle for Nick, District Meeting Rap

Hola Familia!

(This is the 2nd time I am writing this email because my computer is giving me trouble....)

Anyway this week was great! Especially in way of pictures! Did I ever mention that during the 4th of July I put all the Polaroids in photo albums?! I smile and laugh every time I open them haha:)

Tuesday we had planned exchanges with the Ontario Hermanas, but we got word that Hermana Rosales had a fever, but they still had several appointments that day.  So we decided to make a surprise visit so Vujich could stay with Rosales and I could go out with Webb for the day and complete their appointments for the day. By the time we got there, Rosales was feeling better, so we split up the appointments and took off! Our first stop was Kiwi Loco of course, it is a must!! I loovvee being with Webb, she is my smooth and steady. We saw Daniel, who has been inactive for a long time. But as of 2 weeks ago, he has been coming back to church!! He actually remembered me after all this time and insisted on taking a few pictures with us before we left. He is so cute haha!! Then I took Webb back with me to Nampa for the night.

Wednesday we had a district meeting, but it was no normal meeting! Our district leader raps!!!! He is so cool, and is probably one of my best friends. He took a bunch of random words and put them all together in a rap on the spot! True talent haha! After the meeting ended we went to the computers so I could do “MyPlan". This session was a good one, but a little different because it asked me to sign up for institute!! To my knowledge, BYU students don’t have to sign up for institute.
That night we had dinner with the Thurgood family. Although I have never met this family before, I knew their son in the MTC, which was super cool! Out of the blue, there was a knock on the door just before we were to say a prayer on the food. It was a guy named Nick that lives just across the street. (He is a remarkable young man for his age, he is already renting his own house and has a stable job, the only thing he lacks is the gospel.) So the family invited him to stay for dinner and the message, to which he accepted. Sure enough, it wasn’t just by chance that he knocked on the door at the right time, it was divinely inspired!! It was my turn to share the message, and apparently Heavenly Father needed me to tell him something specifically for him. This family has been fellowshipping him for a while now and that night was a pivotal moment in time where the Spirit was undeniably present.  This experience initiated his investigation to the church.  It was incredible, it was one of those moments where I can’t explain what happened other than it felt like everyone’s heart was about to burst out of their chests from experiencing divine intervention.  We left the house looking at each other and asking ourselves if that really happened, because it was truly nothing less than a miracle.

Friday we checked up on our investigator Eunice, but to our surprise we were informed by her sister that she took off to California for the next few months. Welp, now we know why she hasn't been coming to church the past few weeks haha!!

Saturday we went to a luau at one of the English wards in the West Zone. We primarily went because we knew that all the missionaries in that zone were participating in some polynesian dances. It was... EPIC!!  We had so much fun swaying to the music and taking videos. I am so excited that BYU has a group dedicated to Polynesian performances.

Welp familia! I love y’all and don’t forget that there is an hermana misionera praying for you every day!!

Hermana Moss:))

PS. I can’t believe that Jason H. is home already?!?!?!? Awesome!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 72 July 11, 2016 The Infinite Atonement lesson, Exchanges, Tender Mercies for Aurora, Tracting Blitz, Mud Volleyball

Hola familia!

This week was great! I wanted to start off with something I learned from my personal study about the Savior's Atonement. I was reading from Alma 34:10 "For it is expedient that there should be a great and last sacrifice... for it shall not be a human sacrifice; but it must be an infinite and eternal sacrifice." Then I read an article from our Timeless Treasures called "The Fall and Infinite Atonement" by Spencer J. Condie. Y'all I kid you not I felt like a genius for making these connections haha: "An atonement which could satisfy justice required the sacrifice of an innocent person who would vicariously suffer the punishment for the sins of others"; we perform baptisms for the dead by proxy (aka vicariously) for those who did not have the opportunity in this life to make this covenant, so in other words we are helping them participate in the Atonement!! "The sacred record of the Savior’s appearance to the ancient Nephites is an essential, additional witness of the true nature of the Son and of his relationship to the Father and to the Holy Ghost. After introducing himself as Jesus Christ, he who had taken upon himself the sins of the world, he warmly invited the multitude to 'come forth unto me, that ye may thrust your hands into my side, and also that ye may feel the prints of the nails in my hands and in my feet'. The resurrected Christ had a glorified body of flesh and bone as certified by a multitude who 'did see with their eyes and did feel with their hands, and did know of a surety and did bear record, that it was he'". In other words, Christ allowed his apostles and other witnesses to touch him so they would gain a true testimony of a necessary Fall, a completed Atonement, and a glorious Resurrection!!! This is the plan of salvation in its purest essence, and all they had to do was touch him, it must've been wonderful.  I also thought this was really cool: Elder Neal A. Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has explained that “real, personal sacrifice never was placing an animal on the altar.  Instead, it is a willingness to put the animal in us upon the altar and letting it be consumed!”

Monday was the 4th of July and we had to be in by 6pm. After we emailed our family, we played mud volleyball with our zone!! It was way fun, but the rocks at the bottom of the water really hurt my feet and I had to get out. Then we went home and got to see the fireworks from our backyard. T'was a beautiful sight, I love America!:)

So for missionaries that are returning home within 6 weeks, there is an online program called MyPlan that is supposed to help prepare them to go home and continue a righteous life, etc. It has been available on my account for a couple weeks now, but I haven't wanted to do it because it hasn't hit me yet that I am going home and I really don't want to, but I figured that I would do it eventually.  On Tuesday I got on and started working on it. It is not that bad! I took a lot of notes.. haha!  Tuesday was a successful day contacting all of the referrals we have been getting, and today they were finally ALL home!!  We had dinner with the Waite's, and it didn't register until after 30 minutes had passed that Brother Waite is Sister Waite's son!!?!  She was the lady I lived with back in Caldwell for 3 months. Turns out it was her birthday that day, so he gave me her number so I could call her and wish her a happy 83rd birthday! It was so nice to hear her voice on the phone, she is doing well and now lives in Idaho Falls with another son. These little tender mercies happen to me all the time, haha!!

Wednesday we had interviews with our new Mission President, it went well! He has to learn over 400 missionary names and get to know them personally.. talk about rough callings! Just like there is no preparation for becoming a missionary, there is no real preparation for becoming a mission president either.  President and Sister Sorenson were only in the MTC for 3 days?!?!?! UGH that's stressful.  Later, we had exchanges with Hermana's Bertolino and La Luz from Caldwell.  I took La Luz with me to Nampa. She is such a peach and so adorable!! Although she has only been out for 3 weeks, she is a natural teacher and testifier. The next day was weekly planning and since Vujich wasn't with me to update records or fill out progress sheets, I was at it alone for 3.5 hours!!!!!! Paperwork... that is probably the most irritating part..good thing I don't mind it! :)

Friday we had some pretty sweet miracles! Our investigator, Aurora, sleeps on a bed with her husband and all 5 kids, so she asked us if we could keep our eyes open for a bed as well as washer and dryer. Knowing we had planned to see her that day, we made some calls and found all 3 items that day and got them set up in her trailer!!! We also worked on reactivating a member named Jeanet, whom I've know since Caldwell. All of her steps of progress make me beam with pride, especially when she tries to read the scriptures with her 2 sons. A couple weeks ago we gave her a Spanish triple copy so she could have some scriptures with her when she comes to church and tries to participate. Last week I ordered her a brand new English Quad and got her name engraved on it, but I didn't think it would get to me so quickly! It came in the mail not 3 days later, and I gave it to her Friday evening. I placed it in front of her backwards and told her to look up a certain scripture since she has to relearn how to look them up. As she was flipping and looking at the little tabs, she finally saw whose name was on it. She stared at it, then looked at me and her eyes welled up!! It's these moments that make my heart want to burst with joy!!! I look back now and realize that one of the people I came on my mission to meet and help was Jeanet. I love my mission!!

Saturday we had a tracting blitz in our district that we call 'The Gator Scramble" and we went to one of our areas that we felt hadn't ever been tracted. We met 2 new people that we hope to start teaching in the near future. After we went to a service project and bucked hay, Vujich and I were asked to go way out in this swampy part of the property and cut some tall red colored weeds.. haha I examined the shears they gave us and you could see straight through them they were so dull!!! After that, we helped Jeanet's sister's friend (Star) move stuff from a storage unit to a new house on the other side of town. We were smelly and exhausted at the end of the day!!! Did I mention that I love my mission!!!

The Nashville Tribute Band came again this year with David Archuleta, Marie Osmond, and Alex Boye, and again we weren't allowed to go:( But Sunday night we went to a YSA devotional where just the Nashville Tribute came and they sang some of their songs and we even got Star to come!!  It was amazing!!!!!!

Welp familia! I love y'all and don't forget there is an hermana misionera praying for you!!

Hermana Moss:))--