Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Week 23 August 3, 2015

Hola Familia!

This week was full of different things that happened, and there never seems to be enough time to do anything.

Every Tuesday, we meet with our Spanish Ward Bishop and he tells us about the news and how the church is responding. He told us this past week about the Boy Scouts of America news.  Lots of decisions for the church.  I hope we will always have Philmont. I have gone to Philmont 2 times and had dreams of returning and working for them as a ranger.

Well one of our investigators dropped us week. We have been meeting with an older woman for the past 4 weeks.  She is a sweet woman who has a lot of struggles and suffers with depression. So when we came to see her this Tuesday, she told us that it was okay to come back the next day with the elders and give her a blessing. But when we came back on Wednesday, we were met outside by her daughter and her husband instead. They told us that we weren't welcome to back and started saying that our church wasn't true and how we supposedly believe in a different Jesus Christ. It got really hostile really fast, and none of us including the elders said anything yet.  Just as I was about to break down and call them out, Elder Muniz stepped up and calmed everything down. He spoke with such power and authority and it was really cool. Kudos to Elder Muniz!  Whew!  That was a close one!

We met with the Benitez family who is less active. We talked with one of the older girls for 2 hours! She is super nice and is very open to telling us why she doesn't want to be in the church anymore. She had a really rough childhood doubts God was ever a part in her life. But we listened to her and heard her out. I think the most difficult part of sitting down with her and trying to empathize is the fact that when we try to be open minded, we let our defenses down a little bit. But you know what? Just because she found fault in the church, doesn't mean that it isn't true. The church is for everyone, people just need to learn how to accept it when they are ready, and when they are ready the missionaries will be there!

I don't feel like continuing with anymore bad news, so here comes the good news: We met with a woman named Arcelia. She is a less active and has some of the most friendly kids I have ever met! Oh I just love them so much, especially little Lalo, who is the cutest little 3 year old boy ever. I also enjoy the spirit that is in her home, it is full of love. This Saturday morning we got up early and went over to Juan's house to help him make tamales! Oh my goodness, it reminded me so much of Christmas back home.  Ahh the memories:)  We probably made 300 tamales, and we didn't even finish when we had to leave! Juan is known in Caldwell Spanish Ward for making the spiciest salsa, which was evident in the tamales! I wish mom could taste them, maybe I can send some in dry ice? haha!

This Sunday we taught the YW in the Caldwell 15th ward about the importance of families, we also talked to them about coming out with us on visits. We prepared for the past 2 weeks for this lesson, we even pitched it to the YW President beforehand! It went really well, the spirit was strong and of course, there were tears shed. You can't have an effective lesson with the YW without having someone cry - which was me mostly..haha!

This morning in my personal study of El Libro de Mormon was powerful. I was focusing on 2Nephi 26:23-33. Then I asked myself a lot of questions like: How could Christ love everyone all at once? How can he love someone who doesn't love him back? But the biggest question I asked was how can I develop this love? This reminded me of a talk given by Elder Neilson in the last April conference called 'Waiting for the Prodigal Son'. I love that talk! I especially loved the last 3 paragraphs when he realized he was the prodigal son instead of the unrighteous son that didn’t obey his father.  We are all on the same path back to Heavenly Father. I can compare myself all day long to others who don't have the gospel and how I think that I am easier to love, but it simply isn't true. I am not of more worth or loved more than anybody else. In my own way, I am a prodigal daughter in need of His divine help. I will never understand the love that the Savior and Heavenly Father has for me, but my goal in this life is to learn to love as best as I can.

That's all for now folks! Have a blessed week!

Hermana Moss

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