Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 17, 2015 Week 25

Hola Familia,

 "I don't have much to say.. But if you vote for me, all your wildest dreams will come true." Haha this week I decided to open my weekly letter with a quote from Napoleon Dynamite to add some friendly humor to my proselyting, no-Disney movie watching life. But hopefully I was able to make some people smile when they read this. This week was super busy and we weren't able to visit many people because different things popped up out of nowhere! First of which was an unexpected temple trip for Sister Hernandez. Lucky duck, one of her converts just got her temple recommend and that means that Hernandez, being her missionary, was be able to go with her and be her escort. I was super jealous :)  I hope I will have the same experience sometime on my mission.  I will work hard toward that end.  Anyway, while she was at the temple, I was on temporary exchanges with the Nampa Spanish sisters, Bertolino and Carrasco. Sister Bertolino is a convert and her conversion story is amazing!  She also has one of the biggest testimonies I have encountered thus far on the mish. I love her! 

Hern and I had dinner with Colton and Michelle's family.  Thank you so much!  It was super cool! They live about 3 minutes away from where we live.. Haha, so if I need anything, I know where to go!  I love family!

This Saturday we had Carlitos' Baptism!! Hern and I have been planning this baptism for a couple weeks now, and have been stressing ourselves out so much with all the preparations. It was a huge success!!! I would say that 60% of all the people we invited came through to support Carlitos! He asked me to talk about baptism and Hern to talk about the Holy Ghost. Since we were super busy this week, I had procrastinated writing my talk until the morning of, and by the time we got the building, I still hadn't found time to practice my talk! I was super nervous to speak in spanish, so I  asked Heavenly Father to help me at least get my message across. I mainly spoke about why Christ was baptized and what the atonement means to us, and I kind of felt bad for reading it, but I was pressed for time and there was a huge crowd that I didn't want to mess up in front of. I skidded through it, but it got better at the end. When I finished reading, I put my papers down and did a little experiment off script! I brought with me bleach, food coloring, and 3 measuring cups. In one of the cups I put several drops of coloring in water to represent sin, in another cup, I put plain water to represent our lives, and in the last cup was bleach to represent the Atonement. I then proceeded to put the dark colored water into the cup that represented our lives. Just like in real life, when we sin we are no longer clean and are not worthy to come back into the presence of God. But, Heavenly Father knew we would become susceptible to sin as we progress and make mistakes, and to counter this, he sent us His son to atone for our sins and to help make up clean again. I then put some bleach into the cup of water that represented our life, and everyone quickly saw that the darkness dissipated. This object lesson worked just as I hoped it would and the spirit was present as I prayed it to be. Hern's talk was really good. I am so glad that Carlitos has made the brave decision to use the cleansing power of the Atonement in his life, and stand as a witness for Him just as we all do. His confidence is admirable and I am so proud to have been a part of his conversion process.  As for the actual celebration part, we had the Relief Society bring pollo, arroz y frijoles, salsa, and since he just had a birthday, it was sort of a birthday party as well.  One of the hermanas brought a decorated cake. If I could count on something for the ward to not be flakey on- it's a party. It was an awesome fiesta, with music and celebrations all around! By far, one of the best baptisms I've ever been to. 

This past week was the last of the transfer and Hern and I patiently waited for the call that was supposed to let us know if we are going to stay together or not.  Good news! Hern and Moss are back in business for another go round in Caldwell!  I am so happy and excited to stay here as long as I can! 

Have a blessed week familia! Les amo muchisimo!

Hermana Moss

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