Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015 Week 21

July 20, 2015

Hola familia!

This week lots of things happened. I have especially grown and matured in knowledge and compassion in a few specific ways. For example: We cover Caldwell 1st, 5th, 7th, 12th, 15th and the YSA ward, each of these wards sign-up to feed us dinner. We had dinner this week with a part member family. The mom was a member and is married to a catholic, and together they have twin teenage girls. They have been together for a long time and each spouse supports the other in going to church and taking the kids to church as well.  Hermana Hernandez and I were super curious as to how that relationship functions as they are happily living in a dual-religion home. They told us that it has its ups and downs and that communication is key.  For the spiritual thought, normally we would normally share a scripture, but Hermana Hernandez wanted to watch a special movie clip from the Meet the Mormons video. It was an exact duplication of their situation.  The couple in the video was Mormon and Muslim I think, anyway they had it all worked out and they were happy too.  As Hermana Hernandez and I were leaving, I asked the mother what she thought about the video. We both agreed that although they might be happy and their home is filled with love, that mother and those kids are lacking the blessings of having a worthy priesthood-holding father in their home, and lacking the blessings of a temple marriage. In Ontario, I saw many examples in homes where they had part member families that didn't have the Spirit in their home.  Where one of the parents were not supportive at all. This home was different, it had a supportive father who loved his family. It was missing a key ingredient though...This was more than just a wake-up call for me, it made me realize how very important it is to have both parents sealed in the temple and remain worthy of celestial blessings. 

This Tuesday was a difficult one... not many things worked out that day, including Hern and I. It started off with us getting up super late, then we were late to the Spanish ward’s missionary correlation meeting. We spent too much time at a member's house and missed a teaching appointment with an investigator, then Hern wanted to send a package to her mom for her birthday, but she forgot her wallet in the car after waiting in line for 25 minutes.. Later on,   more people canceled appointments, and nobody we visited was home. We were also late to the stake correlation meeting because Hern forgot the location. We also got a call from a girl I had set an appointment with for Friday, but the phone kept loosing signal and I had to call her back like 5 times. Later, she called back and thought I was Hern, and she said that I was rude on the phone with her earlier... I had to tell her that it was still me and it got really awkward... Anyways, nothing turned out the way it was supposed to.  At the end of the day, I was majorly frustrated with Hern- just the fact that she always get up late, our studies aren't always organized, we are late everywhere, and our car is always a mess.... For anyone who knows me, I am borderline OCD organized, so all of this hit the fan today and I wanted to flop into bed and scream. But my heart softened as an answer to my prayers and I was able to feel sorry for not treating Hern like I should have.  I apologized to her and it was better. Whew... talk about growing and maturing quickly.

We ran into some Jehovah's witnesses again this week and it was fun talking to them. We teach a woman named Maria, and her sister is a Jehovah's witness! So when we went to go visit Maria, she wasn't home, so we got a chance to talk to Blanca, her JW sister. She is a wonderful woman!  I love how exuberant she is and how she runs her home, plus her kids are so polite!  We talked to her for an hour about all sorts of things in the Bible. On a different note, we attended a fiesta on Saturday for a girl whose family is Pentecostal.  It’s funny because they were trying to convert us while we were trying to convert them.  The fiesta was super fun and we just talked to all the people at the party and tried to fellowship everyone.

This week we received a referral for this woman named Rebecca. When we went to go visit her, we were there for 3 hours. She is a widow for the past 4 years because her husband suffered a brain aneurysm and passed away within a short span of hours. Before that, he was healthy.  They have 3 kids who are super awesome and they spend time with each other as much as they can. The home is filled with so much love it was hard to go home afterwards as I was missing my home and family.  Rebecca has had major connections with the church from her best friends, and when her husband passed away, people in the church helped her.  Within 10 minutes of being there, she expressed her desire to do whatever it takes to be sealed to her family in the temple. As she said that, my eyes immediately got misty and I received prompting from the spirit that this woman has been prepared to hear the gospel and make sacred covenants with Heavenly Father.  It was marvelous. I absolutely love this woman and her kids. Isn't it funny how a little time spent with someone can make you love them.  Rebecca has earned a place in my heart forever! 

Welp familia! Les quiero muchisimo y que tengan una buena semana!

Hermana Moss

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