Friday, June 24, 2016

Week 60 June 20, 2016 Horses have humor, Zone Conference, President Canon's last MLC, Olympic training for our missions, Keep the focus

Hola familia!!

This week was busy with meetings and training and adjusting!  I say adjusting because on Monday we moved out of our old home and into a new one with Sisters Abello and Chevalier!  

Tuesday we went with our zone to buck hay for a service project. The place that we went to was Nampa farmland and it totally reminded me of being back in Ontario, they had horses and everything!  I would've gone out with the crew, but I was worried that their little girl, Paige, might get trampled amongst all the horses and that nobody would hear her if something happened, so I went in the corral and helped her brush the horses. I really enjoyed observing the horses, they have attitudes just like humans. As soon as we got in there, they tried to fight for our attention, petty horse competition neigh!  Anyway it was fun and the weather is perfect. It is getting hotter over here, I love summer time!!! 

Wednesday we had MLC. President Cannon talked a lot about getting the gospel inside of us and gave lasting advice for when we eventually finish our missions.  He also shared his testimony since this is the last MLC he will be a part of. Lots of tears, it was touching! This might also be the last time I will attend MLC since I am leaving halfway through the next transfer.  I love the Cannons so much and I am grateful for their service and dedication to the Lord. They have changed the lives of so many missionaries. I know that we are not only assigned to missions but we are also assigned to our Mission President. I am glad I was assigned to them.

Thursday we spent the day planning and training for our zone meeting on Friday. We were assigned the Conference talk of Elder Gary E. Stevenson's Your Four Minute Talk. He compared training for the Olympics to us training for our life, we took that and added training for our missions. Our lessons went well and the Spirit was abundant. I hope the other missionaries were able to understand it.  Afterwards we did exchanges with the Nyssa sisters!!  I had Hermana Mackenzie come with me to Nampa and we had a super fun time!!  I love her so much.  We are a lot alike when it comes to witty jokes and BYU puns. 

Saturday we exchanged back in Ontario and we stayed for their zone meeting and we were invited to re-give our training. (side note: there is a Justin Timberlake song called '4 minutes' with Madonna featured in it.. I was totally expecting someone to start singing it during our training, but everybody was reverent! haha!)  After we exchanged back I took the liberty of visiting some people in Ontario, then we went back to Nampa for our dinner appointment with the Navarro family!  Vujich made a deal that she would eat balut which is a aged fertilized duck egg.....and she did it!!! It was disgusting but I am so proud of her for keeping her word!!

Sunday we went to the welcome home/farewell talks of two missionaries who are the grandsons of a member from the Spanish Ward. The missionary that came home made it just in time to say goodbye to his brother who is leaving for his mission in a week!!  It gave me some ideas of what I want to say in my own talk when I return. I want to have the Savior's image in my countenance, as someone who has been changed by their mission for the better. I am so close to the finish line, it is sometimes hard to focus.  The sprint is on.  I won't stop until I finish!  It's go go go with the Savior by my side.  Pray for me that I will not lose my focus and that my service will be accepted by Him!   

Welp familia! I love y'all and remember that there is a hermana misionera praying for y'all! all the time!

Con Amor,
Hermana Moss:))

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