Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week 67 June 6, 2016 Costa Vida, Surprise visit, Zone Leader meeting

Hola familia!!

This week is the last of the transfer..and you would think that being a missionary for so long that I would be able to predict transfer calls, right? Wrong!!! I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen and that is the scary part. But, the good news is that there are 3 new hermanas coming in!! So exciting to see new faces:)

Tuesday we had lunch with our Zone Leaders.  We went to Mancinos because the owner is a member and offers half off to missionaries! Afterwards we went outside to take some fun pictures.

Wednesday we had exchanges with the trio in our zone. I went with Sisters Chevalier and Abello and spent the day in their area. We had some luck finding people at home, but no big miracles to report on this time. That night we came up with alter ego Disney names for all the missionaries in the zone haha, that was fun:)

Thursday we didn't have anybody signed up for dinner so Vujich and I decided to go to Costa Vida for dinner. This is a big deal for us because we do not have a lot of money to spend on food, but we really like CV, so we splurged. We were easy to spot because we were wearing skirts and tags, but spotting members is slightly more difficult. We walked in there thinking we would pay for our quiet meal and be on our way. But as soon as we walked in, this lady came up to us and offered to pay for our meal because she has a missionary out in the field. Wow!  People are so kind.  Then after we sat down, another family came up to us and introduced themselves and told us they have a daughter who is going to report soon. Then as we got up to leave, another woman stopped us and asked if it was okay if she took our picture and posted it on the Missionary Moms Facebook page because she has a son serving too!!! It was anything but a quiet meal haha. I'll tell y'all what though, I said an extra special prayer that night for all those families. They have no idea how much their kindness means to us after having a long day. 

Saturday we had blitzes with the West Zone again. I took Sister Robinson with me for this round. After knocking on 2 doors we came this house with a gate locked by some string, so we unlatched it and went straight to the door. An older gentlemen opened the door and let us in. We were surprised because at first he didn't look like a member and because he didn't address us as sister missionaries. We sat down and talked with him for a bit, but we had to really speak loudly because he can hardly hear anything! We asked about his family and what he was up to, when all of a sudden we smelled something burning from the kitchen.. Then we hear the the fire-alarm go off! It made me laugh because he can't hear at all, and he at first thought the sound was the phone in his pocket and he got it out to answer it, but didn't realize that it was fire-alarm! hahah!! We said a quick prayer, made sure everything was ok and said goodbye, and even though we were far down the street we could still hear that alarm go off! Then after we left, we decided to go visit this couple we both met on exchanges over 8 months ago!!! They are still inactive, but doing well and were happy to see us. And honestly I was surprised that they remembered us.  It was fun to see them.  They are awesome! 

Sunday, Vujich and I were in the middle of dinner when we got a call from a member in Ontario, Dawn, to see if we could meet up with her. I agreed and we met her in the mall parking lot because she doesn't know her way around Nampa. I smelled something was up the minute she called and it turned out to be a beautiful surprise. Nana, Seth and Sophie came to see us! They were in the area to pick up Sophie. It made me so happy to see them!!!!! I miss them like crazzyyy:((  And even though they live only 30 minutes away, it seems like thousands of miles away.. Haha! But I know they will keep visiting me before I leave my mission. 

Congrats Elijah on your graduation!!! Have fun at Philmont, Liam!! Make this experience count! 

Welp familia I love y'all! And don't forget that there is an hermana misionera praying for you! 

Hermana Moss:)))

Congratulations Bro

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