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Week 62 May 2, 2015 Sister's Conference, Transferred to Nampa & Juan wants to get baptized!

Hola familia!!!!

Soooo, this week has been kind of crazy. Mostly because I got transferred to Nampa and I was NOT expecting it! I am already missing Ontario like crazy, but I know this is where the Lord needs me to be.  HELLO AGAIN NAMPA!

Tuesday we had Sisters Conference, where we had all the sisters in the mission get together for special trainings, given by President Cannon, Sister Cannon, and the STL's! Webb and I prepared a training on recognizing our individual worth. We started out by giving them a handout with the scripture that talked about how we are the salt and the light of the world. During Christ's ministry, salt was a very valuable mineral used for preserving and adding flavor to foods. In many cases only the rich were able to afford it and use it. So when Christ called us the salt of the earth, that was a noble compliment. We lend seasoning and tenderizing and flavor and light and value.  Then we explained that sometimes through our interactions with others we can prejudge and label them. We had them each come up and write down a trait on a poster board they see in others or they see in themselves that they don't like. When they all finished, we had them come up and take a pushpin to make a little hole to the adjectives they didn't like. After that, I took the poster and turned it around to show them a picture of Christ with all of the sisters names written on it covered in holes from the pushpin. We taught that while they label and tear down their sisters, they are also doing it to Christ. It was a powerful scene. I shared the experience I learned from last Thursday and extended an invitation to them to show love and respect to others the way Christ did. We ended our training by giving them a certificate with their names on it and 3 positive adjectives that described them. I have never been to a sisters conference before, and they only have it once a year, so this will be my first and last conference. I am glad I had the opportunity to attend, there was a wonderful spirit and I enjoyed seeing all the sisters together:) I am grateful to my Savior who Atones for all our shortcomings and our imperfections.

Wednesday we had a lot of work to catch up on, so we brought all of our projects to the Webster's house to get it all done. I also made dinner for the family because Sis Webster wasn't feeling well and was not up to it. I made lasagna casserole, and they loved it!!!! I even made a double batch and it was still gone by the next day:) I don't know if you noticed that I colored my hair. Don't worry Mom, I went with a temporary black so it will wash out in 6 weeks.  Later that day a hermana asked us and the elders to come over and pull weeds for her. Service work Yea!  Friday we had our last district meeting with our district leader and his companion who are going home, they both shared their testimonies and we sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again.  It made us all cry. But hey, it is a tradition, so it must be done!

Saturday we got transfer calls in the morning.... Let's just say that I was a wreck and I practically chewed out the Assistants. They informed me that I was originally going to stay in Ontario with Webb, but after President Cannon said the closing prayer for the transfer planning meeting, I was one of the first names to be changed on the list. it was inspired, and I can't argue with Heavenly Father haha..Anyway, after that, we got a last minute call from the Nampa sisters to come to a baptism for a lady I taught on exchanges. It was great to see Guti before she goes home. It's so funny that I have been on exchanges many times to Nampa, and that I already know a lot of people in my new area. I am hopeful this change will be an easy adjustment. 

Sunday was full of visiting people to saying goodbye. I cried a lot! I never knew I would turn into such a crybaby on my mish. We had a special carne asada dinner that we scheduled with the Websters followed by an FHE! I loved hearing everybody's testimonies, and of course we sang God Be With You as the closing prayer. BAHH! Leaving hurts! :(( Shortly after we left, Hermana Meza texted us to see if Saturday was a good day for Juan, her husband, to get baptized! Whaaat!  I started crying all over again. If you remember, he is the investigator we have waited a long time to hear those words "I want to get baptized!" Hopefully, everything will go well and it will happen on Saturday! Please pray for Juan!!

Welp familia! I love y'all!!!  And don't forget, there is a hermana misionera praying for you!

Hermana Moss :)

President & Sister Canon

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