Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 16, 2016 Week 64 YCSM Fireside, Ana Rosales' Baptism, Sandra Gutierrez's Baptism

Hola familia!!

I love my busy mission!  The pace is insane!  I am learning to keep up with the Lord.

Monday night was kind of scary, I stayed up doing laundry loads and working on different projects. Not even 5 minutes after I turned off the light to go to bed, the lady we live with called out to us screaming. (It was sort of a blessing in disguise that I stayed up late because after I fall asleep I don't hear much.)  We got up immediately and found her on the floor at the top of the stairs. She was having really bad cramps due to a gluten OD she was in the hospital for a few days previously. Vujich and I did everything we could until we decided to call 911. The ambulance came and picked her up around 1:30am. I was really grateful that I stayed calm throughout the whole ordeal. 

Wednesday we had a cool little miracle. We were asked by the driving coordinator to get our oil changed a week ago, but we didn't' have the time last week. I remembered on Tuesday evening and made an appointment to get the car serviced for Wednesday morning. After we got it done, we had some time to kill before our district meeting, so we went to the mission office to drop off the oil change report so we wouldn't have to mail it in. This is where I mentioned to Sister Anderson about my departure date in August because I was concerned that I hadn't received any papers about it yet. She looked at me with wide eyes and told me that she knew nothing about that, even though I mentioned it to PCannon several times. Normally they like to send out the papers 3 months before the missionary goes home, but in my case it is less than 3 months away, so this put them into turbo mode to get everything figured out. After lots of phone calls and paperwork, it looks like my official departure date will be August 16th! 

Friday night we went to Nyssa for Sandra Gutierrez's baptism! She is the woman that Juan Meza is fellow-shipping from Dickinson's.  He is trying to get her to come to the Ontario branch. Although We didn't teach her all of the lessons, we introduced her to the missionaries that cover her area. To get to the baptism, we called Nora & Juan Juarez for a ride. The baptism was special and I am so happy for Sandra, she will become a great source of strength for the Nyssa branch! 

Saturday morning we had our baptism for Ana Rosales!! She has been investigating the church for years and decided to be baptized because of a talk she heard in sacrament meeting and some dreams she's had lately. I met her a long time ago on exchanges and I thought she was a member already haha! She has a wonderful spirit about her and is so strong in her faith. I love her to pieces! We had to have the program take place in the chapel because the relief society room was too small. We had so many people show up, including Guti who has been home about 2 weeks and Eko, who has been home for almost 2 months now.  

Saturday night was a huge Nampa fiesta! Lots of Spanish people from Nampa, Caldwell, Ontario, Nyssa, and probably some from Boise showed up! There were bounce houses, carnival games, shaved ice and cotton candy, and food featured from different countries!! The best part were the dances from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and El Salvador performed by dance companies and members.  It was so much fun to see all the Spanish missionaries in the mission too:)

Sunday we had a YCSM fireside broadcast from Salt Lake. The Nampa North, Nampa West, and Kuna Zones were asked to attend to support the YCSM missionaries serving in this area. The director of the fireside shared a story of when he was giving a presentation about the program in a meeting with the 1st presidency. He was prompted to add a picture of his own 2 grandsons with a mental disability to the slideshow. After the slideshow ended, President Monson asked who among the members in the meeting actually had a relative who was in the program and the director raised his hand. He went back to the picture from the slideshow and told President Monson about his grandsons and a time when his daughter asked him what to tell her boys who have strong testimonies and want to serve missions, but she didn't want to discourage them because they have disabilities that would hinder them from serving full time missions. President Monson then responded to the director to tell his daughter that they will be able to serve an honorable mission. The fireside was so inspiring, and the spirit was so strong. The only other speaker that night was Brad Wilcox. He talked about an acronym that we can use the next time we are asked to speak or give a spiritual thought: GOSPEL. G=Godhead, O=Only true church, S=Spirit, P=Priesthood authority, E= Everyone, L=Living Prophets. I always enjoy listening to Brother Wilcox, his way of explaining things is so simple and makes me laugh.  It was a great fireside.

Welp familia! I love y'all! Remember that there is an hermana misionera praying for you!

Hermana Moss:)

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