Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 47 January 18, 2016

Hola familia!

Wow, reading y'all's emails, it sounds like everybody is having so much fun.  Everyone is going on missions and college or dying.  Thanks bros for informing me of David Bowie and Alan Rickman.  The Plan of Salvation is real!! Geesh!  I am kinda glad I'm not home so I don't have to deal with all the grieving. The mission is the place to be, for sure! 

On Tuesday it was Hawn's birthday! So Smith and I and Hermana Gonzales went to their apartment early and made breakfast for her. It was a lot of fun surprising her.  :)  Birthday shout-out to Merriam too! I hope you had an amazing day!!!!! :))))

I went on exchanges on Wednesday with an English trio, which was super fun! I didn't even think to get a photo because I am sadly developing mission brain. It is very similar to mom brain, but it's combined with severe lack of rest, oh yeah, that is mom brain. Haha!  That reminds me of when Collins was still here, she used to lose everything and she would call it object displacement amnesia (ODA).  I was really worried about leaving Smith alone for a whole day because I know she struggles with her Spanish and being with an STL who doesn't speak Spanish really doesn't help. But it all worked out okay. :)  Right after we exchanged back, we had quarterly interviews with President Cannon. This is the time we get to ask him anything we want and we report to him how we are doing and if we need to talk to him personally, this is the time to do it. I took this opportunity to ask him a question that was concerning me: I know that I was prompted to go on a mission, is there a certain person I need to meet, or something specific that I need to do? and what if I don't accomplish those things before I go home? He reassured me that although we aren't sure why we needed to serve a mission, or for whom, that we sometimes forget that missions are literally opportunities to do service. That was what I needed to hear from him, and it was an answer to prayers. With this new perspective  I can now relax knowing that although I may not know right now why I am serving, I also don't need to know! That is not for me to worry about and instead of worrying, I should be trying to do my best and then my answers will come.  In the future, I'll know why. Discouragement is part of the mission.  I am going to work hard and depend on the Lord with all that I've got and see what happens.

One of the less active families that we used to visit frequently, the Palominos, just moved to Nampa and one of the daughters moved into their old house. Her name is Daisy and I loveeee her so much!!!!  She's a single mom of 3 adorable kids whom I love with all of my heart. We visit them every other day and check up on her and are befriending her. I know one of these days she will come back to church.

After my interview with President Cannon, I sat and talked with Sister Cannon and she told us all about the new Spanish missionaries coming to our mission.  I am so excited!! It becomes more of a guessing game really, because there are only 10 spanish speaking hermanas in the mission and we have all been companions before, so these sisters will be our direct companions.

Sunday we were sitting in an English ward and the youth speaker said something really interesting that I liked, her talk was about revelation and how we can strengthen our relationship with our Heavenly Father. She said, don't expect a million dollar answer from a 5 cent prayer. Haha! this is so true, and I am going to try and apply that everyday of my life from now on. 

Welp familia! I love y'all! Stay safe.  :)

Hermana Moss

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