Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 46 January 11, 2016

Hola familia!

This week was less stressful than last week's which was good. We still struggle to fill our days with visits and lessons. I think last week if I remember correctly, I was overwhelmed with too many areas to tract, but now we have a reasonable sized area where we now are struggling to find people who are interested in hearing us. Haha it must sound like I am never satisfied, but can y'all blame me? 

On Tuesday, Smith and I made Mom's lasagna casserole that she would always make for me! The first day we gobbled almost half of it!! It reminded me of home and gave me some good laughs:) Later that day we had an appointment with Brandy & Noe and their kids, we taught them the plan of salvation! I can teach that lesson a million times and I will never be bored by it because it is just so wonderful. This family was very receptive, and they accepted a baptismal date for a day in February! I am so excited for them, and their desire to follow Jesus Christ. Noe is the brother of our Spanish ward mission leader and he was very excited to hear the good news. Actually he was a little bit surprised because he came to the realization a long time ago that his brother just wasn't interested in learning about the church. But now that has changed and I hope to see them progressing very nicely and fitting right into the ward.

Our Spanish ward bishop has assigned us to go and visit all the less actives in the ward and then write down all the things we learn about them and report it the next time we see him. We diligently went and visited a bunch of new people that we hadn't met before. They recognized us quickly and made us feel welcome in their home. It is surprising to me that so many people, especially Hispanics, go inactive because of what someone said in church to offend them or the fact that a few weeks would go by and nobody in the ward would come and visit them to see how they were doing. Grrr this made me so frustrated!!! Why can't these people understand that the members of the ward are human and make mistakes? Why can't they just forgive, move on, and forget the past? If somebody tried to make me feel bad about myself, that shouldn't change the fact that the gospel is still true and going to church is still important!!

More disappointing news is that we feel the need to stop visiting Xochitl for a while. Turns out that she has been hiding behind the excuse of being mad at us so we wouldn't  find out that she has been involved in a larger and more complex web of lies. I will always love Caldwell with all of my heart, but the drama here is palpable. I will also always love Xochitl and the opportunity I had to teach her the gospel, but I realize that some people like chaos and we are sowers of a stronger and deeper spiritual conversion. 

This week in my reading of El Libro de Mormon, I am studying about Abinadi and even though he never saw a single baptism he was the tool in the hands of the Lord in helping convert hundreds of people after he died. His unfailing example strengthens me everyday.
Sad to hear about David Bowie's passing, I know he is in a better place. (Alma 40)

Welp familia I love you and hope you know that the gospel is true no matter what anybody says to persuade you differently.  Fijasen su vista hacia los cielos!

Hermana Moss :)

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