Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 4th, 2016 Week 45 Sledding in Idaho

Hola familia!

This week was stressful. Our proselyting area covers the 1st, 3rd, and 15th wards. But lately we've been getting a lot of referrals for the 5th,12th, and YSA wards (which we have previously been relieved from those areas.) So with now double the work/area, Smith and I have been a little overwhelmed. Not to mention the Spanish ward is all sorts of unorganized, including all the gossip that circulates around.. Sometimes I feel like the missionaries are working on disaster control. Some of our investigators are making themselves scarce and being hard-headed. Gahhh!! Why do Lamanites have to be so frustrating to work with?!?! But towards the end of the week we decided to give the Elders these areas and the referrals that go along with them, as well as Jovany (he needs fellow-shippers really bad and we have been swamped with our new areas. (We have already taught him everything and he still isn't progressing towards baptism like he used to before).  The elders have been having a hard time finding people to teach and by the end of this transfer they will have all their area all tracted out. I think with all the new work and changes, they will find plenty to do now. 

On a happier note, Hernandez and I went sledding on Monday with some of the members in the ward! It was so fun! Smith and Hawn didn't want to come because they didn't have good snow boots, but it was okay because they don't like the snow that much anyway. On New Year's Eve all the missionaries were asked to be inside by 6pm. So Smith and I watched all 3 of The Work and Glories!!! It was a good night.

Last transfer when Collins and I were together, we tracted into a really cool family and haven't really been able to catch them until this past Friday!!! We walked into a battle field it seemed like. The mom and dad rolled out all their religious questions on us, and we had to jump around teaching parts from lessons 1-4. I loved their curiosity, but now we are confused on which lesson to start teaching them. It's a good problem I guess.  :)

On Sunday we went to see a less active return missionary who served in Chile. It was sad to think that it's fairly common for RM's go inactive once they get home. We got in there and lit a little fire underneath her feet, so hopefully she will be reminded of the experiences she had as a missionary and will come back to church soon. 

Welp familia, I know I didn't write a lot this week, but I have a feeling next week will be better(: Thanks for all the support!
Love you tons!

Hermana Moss

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