Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week 39 November 23, 2015 Fun with Guti

Hola familia!

I got your packages this week mom, thank you so much:))) Hope everybody is doing well and enjoys Thanksgiving this week! I know I will!! Heaven knows the amount of food that will be offered to us this week. 'Tis the season to bust out the sweatpants and pepto bismol! :D

This Wednesday we had zone conference. It's always wonderful when we get to listen to President Cannon and Sister Cannon deliver inspired messages. This conference was dedicated to the importance of consecration, and the principles of hastening the work of salvation. We also had a really sweet testimony meeting. The entire conference was amazing, but it wasn't until the testimony meeting that I realized that I wasn't doing everything I can to consecrate myself. That night I went home and thought some things through, and decided that for the last 9 months I am going to give everything I have to the Lord. Consecration was put into a new perspective for me, and I have already seen little miracles as I rely on the Lord's help.

This week I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Gutierrez!!! It was so much fun to be with her in Nampa.  A lot has changed, but being with her brought back fond memories and we stayed up talking about stuff and laughing our heads off. I LOVE GUTI!!!!!

Saturday was really cool, our district leaders' ward threw a mock MTC for the youth, and asked us to teach the class rotations. Collins and I were assigned to teach how to extend commitments and do a tracting approach. It was a good experience teaching the youth how to knock on doors and talk to complete random people. As we taught them, it was a reminder to me of how important our calling is and how much responsibility we have as representatives of the Lord. I hope my brothers are paying attention at church and home, because they will need to know some things.  Read the BOM boys!

On Saturday, we had a great lesson about the Atonement with Jovany at a member's house. He has been having some difficulty deciding whether to take that leap of faith now or later when he feels more 'ready'.  Please continue praying for him!!! 

Welp I love you familia! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  

Hermana Moss :)

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