Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 37 November 9, 2015 Hern got transferred

Hola familia!

Welp transfers have come and gone! Good news and bad news - good news first - I am staying in Caldwell, the bad news is - Hern got transferred to the other side of Caldwell. :(  I will still get to see her at Bishop's meetings, the spanish wards and other activities, but it won't be the same! I will miss her dearly and I can't wait to see her in Utah next year and reminisce about all the fun we had on our mission! More good news - my new comp's name is Hermana Collins and I already love her to pieces!  I haven't served with her yet, but all the Spanish missionaries know each other and they say she is a hard worker and is so loving and kind.  I am super excited to to serve with her.

This week was super slow compared to the last week, mainly because of the transfer craziness.  I think we only got in about 15 lessons..which was super slow for us. Jovany is doing well! I spoke with him yesterday about some of his concerns and hopefully it helped.  He has kind of reached out to another one of the elders in our area for counsel and advice, because it's hard for sisters to teach a young man about the priesthood and other responsibilities. Please continue to pray for him.  Baptism is scary and he is so close!!!  He just needs to take that leap of faith and he'll be swimming like a boss in the baptismal font!

This week, Hern and I took one of the Young Women out with us to help teach some lessons. It totally made me remember all the times that I went out with the sisters before my mission, in fact that's what got me out here! Anyway, by the end of the day when we were taking her home, we asked her how she thought it went. She told us that she has already learned a lot about what it takes to be a good missionary! That melted my heart, just hearing those words from someone else who thinks we are good missionaries made our night. Sometimes, I need to hear that I am doing the right thing and succeeding in the work, that is what makes me truly happy.  I want Heavenly Father to be happy with my sacrifice ultimately.  

We have a ward mission leader who is fantastic, but even though he has put his heart and soul into hastening the work of salvation, he hasn't seen his hard work come to fruition and he is discouraged. I feel like that occasionally, when I'm not sure how I need to change to be a better tool in the Lords hands. Gahh! But I know that the Lord knows what He's doing and all I have to do is trust in Him. 

Stay warm familia!  Winter is sneaking up on me here in Idaho.. I am not in Texas anymore! Burrrr!

Love you!

Hermana Moss:)

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