Friday, November 20, 2015

Week 38 November 16, 2015 Hermana Collins goes home next month

Hola familia!

This week passed by both fast and slow. My new companion, Sister Collins, is so amazing! I love her so much! She is from Florida and this is her last transfer before she goes home, which is sad because I am going to miss her a bunch. 

So in our new companionship, I recognize that I am the most fluent and now I will probably have to take a much bigger role in all of our lessons. I am so terrified of this, but so ready for this new challenge! This will give me the opportunity to really use the gift of tongues and rely 100% on the Lord. I expect miracles this transfer, even if it is only 5 weeks long. 

So since Collins is an STL, she has to go to all the meetings: MLC, DLC, and lots of exchanges!! Which means that Hawn and I got to go on some fun exchanges this week! I loved spending time with her, reminded me of the good old days back in Ontario. Then on Saturday, Collins and Hern had DLC, so Hawn and I were supposed to go on another exchange, but it turns out that they couldn't make it to the meeting and the other elders felt uncomfortable about me being alone for the next 2 hours so they asked me to join the meeting. I don't know what it is, but last transfer and this one it feels like the Lord wants me to be around people with leadership callings... I have no problem with that, but what is it that I need to learn in order to fulfill this calling? And what do  I need to learn from my experiences with Hern being a newly called STL and now with Collins? Collins calls me her fancy Sister Training Leader secretary/assistant. Haha :)

We had zone meeting this week and our zone leaders extended a challenge to us called a 30 day fast and feast. So for the next 30 days I will be taking some of my bad habits, or traits that I want to change and fasting on them, and just exercising exact obedience. I am super excited for this! I know the Lord will help me in my righteous endeavors and I am so glad I have Collins to help me -- she is my anchor in this and I am hers in her goals. 

Saturday, we had a quincenera for a YW in the Spanish ward. It was so fun to see this sweet girl come into society and I got to see all the people in the ward come and support her. It is a great tradition and a perfect opportunity to get together. Plus nothing is as good as a Spanish fiesta! Who wouldn't want to come to those?

Welp familia! I love you! Enjoy the cold weather!

Hermana Moss:)

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