Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 53 February 29, 2016

Hola Familia!

This week was good, nothing too big happened, just happy to be a missionary!:)

Wednesday was a good day for us. We normally do not have many set appointments because Hispanics are more spontaneous, but were able to meet with one of our investigators who we previously thought had dropped us, turns out he just had a lot of things going wrong every time we wanted to meet with him. We brought a member with us to teach the Plan of Salvation. We also re-extended a baptismal date for march 12th and he accepted. He didn't show up to church yesterday but we are praying everything will work out. 

Thursday we went to a play to support one of our branch member's daughters. Her name is McKayla and she was a panther in the play, The Jungle Book. It was super cute, because there were around 150 kids from ages 5-12 in the play. We gave her roses after the play and she just beamed as we took pictures with her in her adorable costume. 

Friday we had district meeting and I was in charge of giving the Skill Check this week. Ekonomo and I got there early to set up some things. I came up with an idea of putting up a bunch of chairs and tables to create an obstacle course in the gym.  We had each member of the district follow a rope that weaved through a maze. I even turned off the lights to give extra effect. At the end of the maze, they saw different pictures of temples from around the world; then I asked them to read from the scriptures that talked about temples and enduring to the end. I explained that we are sometimes blind as we follow the iron rod back to Heavenly Father's presence. We may not know what is in front of us and may be surrounded by distractions and darkness, but we need to have faith and keep holding on and believe that as we are diligent in keeping the commandments we will make it back to Him. It was a great object lesson that I learned it from Guti.  I am sure the other members of my district won't soon forget it because they will probably have bruises to remind them of it for weeks! :o

Saturday was especially great because we went to the Ontario Stake Women's Conference. We were on exchanges that day so I was with Hermana Vujich from Nyssa. We were primarily there to translate for anybody that needed it, but no one from the Branch showed up:( There were even classes offered in Spanish given by members of the English wards!!! We felt bad that nobody came, but we stayed and enjoyed the speakers and the classes. Out of the 3 classes, the last one was my favorite. The speaker posed the question to us 'Why do we sometimes adhere to Satan's council?'  Then we talked as a group about how we should listen to Heavenly Father's council instead because HE is the one who truly loves us!!! Satan tells us lies because he doesn't love us!!!! I have never though about it that way and it surprised me. Why would we take council and listen to somebody's advise who never loved us in the first place? It made so much sense to me. 

Sunday I was asked to give a talk in Sacrament meeting. I actually forgot all about it until the day before but Brother Smith, the second counselor, told me it was alright if I spoke about my original talk that I prepared on Valentine's day. I was the last speaker and only had 10 minutes. I started by giving a small quiz from the self examination test from the Charity section on Christlike attributes from Preach My Gospel and read from Matthew 25:34-40. There are a lot of members who struggle to show charity with other members, so hopefully that talk opened their eyes a little bit. I was so nervous to speak and most of it was impromptu, but I know that whatever I said was from the Spirit so I am not worried about it.

Welp familia! Have a great week:) Please keep our investigators in your prayers, they need all the help they can get. 

Hermana Moss:)

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