Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 51 February 15, 2016 Valentine's Day New Leader Training

Hola familia!!!!

Whew! Things are finally slowing down.. but I can't believe that this week is the halfway point in the transfer.  I need to learn all I can from Ekonomo as she will go home at the end of this transfer :(  I saw Collins go home and now I am seeing Ekonomo leave me too.. It's not fair! But the bright side to this is that normally the departing missionary will have a burst of energy and no fear because they realize that it will be the last time to preach and extend commitments which is great for me because working hard feels so good at the end of the day.

Tuesday I had new leader training all the way in Nampa. We got a call from the AP's telling us that we will need to conduct an exchange with the other sisters in Middleton because one of the new STL's there will also need to go to the meeting with me.  I got the opportunity to be with Sister Angelos again!  We have been on exchanges before when I was in Caldwell and it was so much fun! She is planning on going to BYU when she gets home as well, so that means I will get to see her when I eventually get back to the Y. The meeting was very well put together and I got to learn a lot more about the responsibilities of being an STL. Most of what was discussed  was directed to the new district leaders. I am now starting to realize that STL's don't have a very big authoritative position which is exactly what Collins told me when she was an STL.  (If I remember correctly, she described it like being a firefighter and when the fire eventually happened you aren't equipped with a hose!! Haha, silly Collins.) For example: lets say that there is a pair of sister missionaries that got involved in something they shouldn't have, the zone leaders would be in charge of handling the situation and giving appropriate correction and the STL's are basically there for emotional support afterward. It's like we are the cheerleaders of the sisters in the mission we just happen to have a fancy title.  I am sure there are other situations where we would be more involved. Honestly, I am glad it is that way, I don't know if I could handle the stress very well of being a zone leader or an AP. 

Friday, we had our district meeting and everything went as it should until one of the sisters in the district was asked to be in charge of a skills check, so she decided to put our brains to the test and check our charades skills!  It was a lot of fun, there were lots of different topics such as missionary life to Disney quotes. It wasn't necessarily focused on training, but I think every once in a while we need a little fun to break up the monotony of everyday proselyting. After our district meeting, we went to a member's house and did Zumba with her! It was sooooooo much fun! If I could Zumba all the mission weight off that would be my favorite option. 

Saturday, we went to a baptism in Nyssa for a girl who will become a member of the YSA ward here. Most of the investigators in our area are either super close to getting baptized and just don't want to make the final commitment or they aren't close enough because of various reasons. Pray for us to understand the needs of our investigators and how we can best help them. 

This week I was asked to give a talk about how we can show the love of the Savior to others.  It was supposed to be a "Valentine's Day Special", but the speakers before me took up most of the time, so I didn't end up speaking after all. I was a little disappointed because I like the challenge myself to speak spanish in front of native Spanish crowds.  Sunday night we were invited to a birthday party of one of the primary kids in the ward. His name is Valentine ironically enough as his birthday is actually on Valentine's Day!!  He is the cutest kid ever and I absolutely adore his family!!!

Welp famila I love y'all bunches!!

Hermana Moss:)

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