Monday, September 14, 2015

September 7, 2015 Week 28

Hola Familia!

This week was kind of slow, not many people opened doors and most of them weren't home.  When you aren't busy, you can feel every minute pass. Nevertheless, I love my mission and the Caldwell area. The people here have captured my heart, I am already telling people to expect a visit from me when I get home, haha!  Last Monday was super awesome! Our car key battery died, so we needed to go to the dealership in Nampa to get it replaced. Hern and I found a Chipotle!!!! Oooh it was so good.  It reminded me of when mom and I used to get it almost everyday back in Missouri City. The one in Nampa wasn't nearly as good, food from home always tastes better.  haha. 

On Wednesday we had lunch with a woman in the ward. She and her husband are probably the coolest, most original people I've ever met. She doesn't speak much Spanish, but they served a mission in the Mexico City temple and have immersed themselves in the Mexican culture- I can go on and on about them. She also gave us a tour of their house, which is full of authentic memorabilia of their mission to Mexico. I think the coolest part was when she showed us their car collection- they have like 4 or 5 cars from England from the 50's of 60's.... they are all one of a kind too. So cool!

This week we had a string of awesome dinners. On Tuesday we had dinner with a family where the mom was a return missionary and she gave us tips for when we eventually start our own families. Hern has a boyfriend that is waiting for her while he goes to school in Utah, but the funny thing is that his family lives in the Caldwell area!! And on Friday we had dinner with them. They are a super cool and they absolutely adore Hern. They cant wait until she gets married to their son. 

On Saturday we had a service activity at the home of one of our recent converts. We spent 3 hours picking weeds that were as tall as I am. In their yard, they have at least 30 chickens, geese, and rabbits!!! It was a nightmare trying to do the service and looking behind my shoulder to check if there were any of birds behind me. UGHHH!!!! I have a bird fobia.  The Lord is testing me, but I am grateful that he gave me the strength to endure it.  God is good ALL THE TIME!!! haha :) 

Welp familia, I love y'all to pieces! Hope all is well at the homefront! 

Hermana Moss:)

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