Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 29 September 14, 2015

Hola familia!

It was a short week. Hern and I have been kind of sick with colds. Mine wasn't too bad, thank goodness!  I am taking good care of her. 

On Tuesday, we had our meeting with the Spanish ward bishop. The meetings are always early in the morning, so my main goal is to pay attention and not fall asleep. This week he focused on Elder Neilson's talk called 'Truth' and how it is important to recognize that God's laws don't change according to man's time. It was so interesting!  Bishop put into perspective something I hadn't thought of before: If you put a medical textbook and a Bible on the same shelf for 20 years, which one will need to be updated/revised? Haha- I laughed at that one for a little bit. I love sharing this gospel.  I think the best part of the meeting was when he pop-quizzed us on which scripture from the BOM would best fit our discussion, to which I was the first to quote 2 Nephi 9:28-29. It felt so good to know that one!  That scripture is on my letterman jacket.

We had about 3 different fiestas this week. The first 2 were with the Montelongo Family, the little girl, Dulce, just turned 7!  It felt good to be there for Dulce and have some fun with her and her family. They are recent converts.  I asked Dulce what she is going to do next year. That girl is so smart because the first thing she said was to get baptized!  It was so sweet :)  On a separate note, September 15th and 16th are Los Dias de Independencia for Mexico,.  The ward planned a fiesta that took place on Saturday.  It was so much fun!!!! This ward knows how to have a fiesta... We invited everyone we possibly could, and a lady that we just met that day came!  It was a huge success, and even more because the woman who came asked us to come back and visit with her! 

Since we can't watch football, I've been deprived of this year's seasons for my beloved team!  But to counteract this, I have a bunch of people updating me on all the games. teehee! I was really pleased to hear that BYU has been doing so well!  Sad about Taysom Danggit! The one season I miss out on is the one where they have the best games... agh well!  Go Cougars!  I learned that Mangum is from Caldwell, Idaho.  People here know him.

I love you familia and hope everyone is staying healthy! 

I love y'all!
Hermana Moss

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