Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 29, 2015 Week 17

Hola Familia!

This week, went by really fast.  It included some craziness with planning baptisms for our next transfer. (Side Note: We have the opportunity to go to the temple halfway and at the very end of our mission service. Tuesday morning we got a call from the mission office to inform us that it was sister Guti's turn to go to the temple for her halfway mark on Thursday and on Friday she needed to travel all the way to Logan, Utah to renew her license. Translation: 2 WHOLE days without Guti to translate for us..It was like exchanges last week all over again!) So this Friday, we had two scheduled baptism interviews for (Kimberly's mom) Sister Meza and her son, Juanito.  When we got there, we started prepping her about what our district leader was going to ask her. She and Juanito are quick learners and they both passed their interviews with flying colors. While Juanito was in his interview, Sister Hawn and I were talking to Sister Meza about which day was best for her to be baptized with her son. We realized that Saturday was the best day to do it.  That was the the next day! As soon as we got the green light from Sister Meza, Hawn and I started making calls and arrangements for her.  Everything seemed to fall into place and it looked like it was meant to be..  By the time we got home, all the calls were made, the font was reserved, the people were invited, then we got a call from Sister Meza telling us that her other son, Santiago, wouldn't be able to make it because he had a major part in a quincenera that night. GAHHH! Needless to say, it was a hard day for Hawn and I.. lots of mixed feeling and roller coaster-like emotions. Yay!..

This week we visited Patricia. She and her boyfriend, Alfredo, surprised us by telling us that they want our Branch President to marry them next week!  We have been working with Patricia ever since I got to Ontario, and she is just awesome. She made us so happy by her desire to be baptized and the only way she could, was to get married to her boyfriend since they live together. So again, we started making plans and arrangements and I realized I created a new interest.  I love planning weddings! Everything about it is fun! She made us even more happy when she told us that she wants to get sealed in the temple with Alfredo one day!  We also had a really good lesson with her and answered her questions about her recent reading of el Libro de Mormon. We could visually see and spiritually feel the prompting of the Holy Ghost as we invited her to be baptised a week after her marriage! 

So update on Cristina… We visited her on Tuesday and taught her about the plan of salvation. Normally when we go to see her, the apartment is a mess and the kids are screaming, but when we got there, she had three chairs set up in the living room all ready for us!  Oh what a sight it was to see!  We hadn't even taught her a lesson yet and she was ready to listen with her heart!! So when we finished our lesson, I invited her to be baptized next month, and she accepted!  She is so happy and excited to finally have something good happen in her life, I can't wait to see more miracles with her. 

This Sunday in Relief Society, Hawn and Guti and I were asked to teach from a talk given by Dieter F Utchdorf about the four most important relationships we must develop in this life, namely: with our Heavenly Father, with our family, with ourselves, and with our fellow man. Anyway, I was asked to talk and share my thoughts on how we can build our relationship with Heavenly Father. And I came up with an object lesson: I had a mason jar that I labeled "Our life on Earth"; I had rice that symbolized all the things that we have to do like educating ourselves, having families, etc.; and I had 4 granola bars that I labeled praying, reading scriptures, going to the temple and to church. I took the jar and filled it with the rice first and tried to shove the bars in and it didn't fit, meaning that when we focus on ourselves first and forget God we will go back to heaven having failed to strengthen our relationship with Heavenly Father. But when I put the granola bars in first and then filled the rest of it with the rice it all fit, meaning that our lives should be lived to the fullest by having strengthened our relationship with God first and accomplishing everything in priority!  Hopefully the sisters enjoyed it and will continue to develop their relationships with Heavenly Father, families, with ourselves, and with our fellow man. 

I love you family! Hope all is well! 

Hermana Moss :)

No pictures this week.  Sorry! :) 

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