Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week 16 - June 22, 2015

Hola familia!

This week seemed to go by really fast. And I am so grateful for those weeks, rare as they may be. Every transfer we have to go on exchanges with the sister training leaders. As we were each pondering who should go and who should stay with us, Sister Hawn and I prayerfully decided that Sister Guti should exchange with Sister Mackelprang. So on Tuesday, Hawn and I were Guti-less. Translation: it was either sink or swim because Mackelprang is English-speaking. It was so terrifying! Every person we planned to visit, we had to put on our spanish thinking-sombreros and pray for the gift of tongues. It turned out alright and we made it through the day. 

Thursday we got a call from Cristina telling us that she wants to start taking the missionary lessons again!!!! (side note: we used to visit Cristina pretty regularly, but we had to drop her because she wasn’t progressing and we needed to focus on our other investigators. This call came out of nowhere and took us completely by surprise! So Friday we booked it over to her apartment as soon as we finished our studies to witness this miracle for ourselves. When we asked her what had changed her mind, she said that the other night she opened up the bible with her kids to a random chapter and read it. She interpreted it to say that she, as a mom, is responsible for teaching her kids and whatever they do according to their ignorance she will answer to God for it. Y'all know where she read it?... ISAIAH!.. I am certain that this was nothing less than divine inspiration working in her. The heavens opened up to her and gave her an answer to her prayers.  Before we left, we scheduled a return appointment and we walked away in awe. I can't wait to teach her and see the miracles we will come from her willingness to come unto Christ!!!

Friday night we helped the branch celebrate a baby shower for one of the new converts who will be having her 4th boy! It was pretty fun, but most of the girls there spoke only spanish. I don’t know what it was about Friday, but my spanish left me and I was hopelessly unable to communicate with anyone. So during the party, I felt like crawling under a table because these relief society women asked me all sorts of questions and I couldn’t answer them. Ugh! When we went home I didn’t write in my journal or brush my teeth, I just went straight to bed after planning and cried myself to sleep. Feeling sad for myself for not being able to speak spanish and on top of that, I felt really homesick. Friday was not one of my finest days on my mission.

One of our investigators, Eva, had a planned baptism for this weekend, but because of some issues with the father of her baby, we had to consult our Zone leaders about her situation and the procedures to follow. So Friday, right after district meeting, we asked them and they told us that with her situation some conditions are allowed.  Eva would be able to be baptized only a few days after the baptism was originally scheduled. The next evening, we went over to tell her the good news. Instead of an atmosphere of joy for the good news, we were met instead with many Bible-bashing sort of questions from Gilberto. They seemed never ending and it was not conducive to the Spirit. We explained what needed to change with their situation so that Eva can be baptized.  It seemed like a long time had passed when we realized that we had to bear our testimonies and leave.

This week in my personal study of el Libro de Mormon was really productive! I finished 1 Nephi. In the 3rd chapter of 2 Nephi, Nephi calls himself "wretched" and explains how he struggles inside himself to recognize the blessings of the Lord and is constantly frustrated with his brothers, Laman and Lemuel. But Nephi has every reason to be angry at them!! Then, he goes on to give himself a pep talk and reminds himself that if he puts his trust and faith in the Savior that he will no more have place for the enemy of his soul. How awesome is that?!  He dispelled satan and willed himself to follow the divine counsel from ministering angels. Amazing as this is, this doesn’t exempt Nephi from the temptations of the devil or from making mistakes because he is human. This is applicable to everyone, especially as members of the true church of God. Endowed with knowledge and armed with righteousness, we have greater knowledge and when we make the same mistakes that everyone else does in the world, we will suffer as D&C 82:3 tells us, “greater consequences”. 

Welp, family, I hope y'all are safe and sound.

I love y'all!

Hermana Moss

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