Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 26th 2015

Hola Familia,

Last week was good, but long primarily because we didnt have very many lessons. Meaning that only a few things to write about. On Tuesday, we thinned peaches!  The previous week we went to the same fields and thinned apricots (which I cannot say in spanish for the life of me)

So we have this investigator who isn't actually interested in getting the lessons, but sister Guti likes to visit her and teach her english. She asked us this last week to come and bless her house because she believes there is a malicious spirit living there. She has told us that on two different occasions that she has seen him and he is angry that they are living in his house and that he will sometimes bang the door on the opposite side of the house. creepy huh? Anyway, we asked the elders to come and give the house a blessing to dispel whatever fantasma resided there. (The whole time it reminded me of when our family went to spain and me and mom stayed up for hours watching the ghost whisperer because that was the only show in english! haha!) 

Friday was Kimberly's baptism!!! The night before we were at her house so the spanish elders could give her her baptismal interview, and she passed with flying colors! (of course because she has amazing missionaries ;D ) Normally, we ask the investigator to pick who they want to give the prayers and the talks about baptism and the Holy Ghost. But since Kimberly is getting baptized in the same service as her aunt, she was only able to assign someone for the closing prayer and the talk about the Holy Ghost. Guess what? Kimberly asked ME to give the Holy Ghost talk!!!  I was honored, but scared silly at the same time.. I took 2 personal studies to prepare a talk and I had to make sure that she could understand it (Sister Guti tells me that sometimes I get carried away and explain too much and overwhelm people in our lessons, so I had to work extra hard to simplify). If it was in english it would've been much easier to prepare. But I ended up stressing about it and only giving myself a gigantic headache.. But come time of the baptism, it turned out really well. I got to stand near the mouth of the font where Kimberly went through and it was so cool to be behind the scenes! I cried when Kimberly came out of the water. I felt such great joy and I am so glad I was a part of it!! Oh my goodness, the day of the baptism was like preparing for the Mormon prom, sooo much to prepare! Everyone and their mother came (literally) and we had the biggest fiesta afterwards that I've ever seen! It was so much fun eating and socializing with other members and missionaries who attended. 
This past Saturday we got transfer calls. Apparently it is a big deal every 6 weeks. and now I know why- we spend so long getting to know people and getting closer to them, but as soon as it happens we find out that we have to leave and its awful.., People filter in and out all the time. I can only imagine what goes through President's mind every transfer.. pobrecito. The night before it gave me anxiety and a stomach ache. But since I'm still in training, it came as no surprise to find out that none of us were being transferred! Hooray! But our zone is a completely different story- President changed up everything and everyone! Lots of districts were whitewashed (meaning that both missionaries were switched for 2 new ones) and I think some missionaries were paired spanish and english- spanglish ehh? 
I just about had a breakdown when you told me about Afton. I was thinking about here lately and the news of her death just about broke me. She put up a good fight. EVERYONE! Please pray for the Wallace family. 

Alright fambam. Hope everyone had a good week with another on the horizon!
Hermana Moss out!

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