Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 15, 2015 Week 15

Hola Familia!

I'm sorry in advance for not having very much to write this time. It’s been a long week here in Ontario, but full of miracles! We set 3 baptism dates with 3 different people! I am bursting with joy for our investigators who have chosen to change their lives for the better! I personally fast and pray for each of our investigators every day, and it's such a tender mercy for me to see how the Lord answers our prayers and works by small and simple things... Small and simple things meaning me, haha! 

Sister Guti tutors a girl named Julia and we normally meet at the institute building since it’s close to the local community college where Julia attends school. A couple of weeks ago, we happened to run into the teacher, who BTW is super cool. We were talking about how he likes his job teaching institute. Somehow, the subject came up about him needing someone to teach for him on Tuesday on Moses 3.  Sister Hawn was standing next to me and “accidentally” misheard the conversation and roped us into teaching institute on what she thought would be on Mosiah 3...So on Tuesday, we taught institute on Moses 3. It was about the creation and the chapter itself was very small. So being the innovative sisters that we are, we tied the lesson into Eternal Marriage!  It was a bit awkward, since we are 3 single hermanas teaching mostly high school graduates and return missionaries. But we got through it and I can now check that off of my bucket list for life. Check!

This week we had dinner at a china buffet with Daniel! It was adorable and we had a great time! He pretended that we were his granddaughters. When it was time to leave, I opened my fortune cookie to read my fortune inside, it read: your dearest wish will come true within the month! We went home and I spent a good while pondering what my dearest wish was. I realized that I didn't want anything for myself, but that my dearest wish was for all my investigators to have what they needed-- which is the gospel that changes lives. My mission is changing me from the inside out. I came here thinking that I was going to help people and not focus on what I needed, because I wanted to be as selfless as I could. What I didn't know was that my mission is changing me along with my investigators. Each time I meet someone new, their name is etched in my heart, and my love for them grows 3 times larger than it was before- like the Grinch on Christmas day haha! 

Needless to say, going on a mission was the greatest decision I could have made. I look forward to the rest of it and count my blessings that I have come to know my Savior from a more in depth perspective.  I love Him!

Have a blessed week y'all!!
Hermana Moss :)

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