Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 73 July 18, 2016 - Polynesian Dance, Miracle for Nick, District Meeting Rap

Hola Familia!

(This is the 2nd time I am writing this email because my computer is giving me trouble....)

Anyway this week was great! Especially in way of pictures! Did I ever mention that during the 4th of July I put all the Polaroids in photo albums?! I smile and laugh every time I open them haha:)

Tuesday we had planned exchanges with the Ontario Hermanas, but we got word that Hermana Rosales had a fever, but they still had several appointments that day.  So we decided to make a surprise visit so Vujich could stay with Rosales and I could go out with Webb for the day and complete their appointments for the day. By the time we got there, Rosales was feeling better, so we split up the appointments and took off! Our first stop was Kiwi Loco of course, it is a must!! I loovvee being with Webb, she is my smooth and steady. We saw Daniel, who has been inactive for a long time. But as of 2 weeks ago, he has been coming back to church!! He actually remembered me after all this time and insisted on taking a few pictures with us before we left. He is so cute haha!! Then I took Webb back with me to Nampa for the night.

Wednesday we had a district meeting, but it was no normal meeting! Our district leader raps!!!! He is so cool, and is probably one of my best friends. He took a bunch of random words and put them all together in a rap on the spot! True talent haha! After the meeting ended we went to the computers so I could do “MyPlan". This session was a good one, but a little different because it asked me to sign up for institute!! To my knowledge, BYU students don’t have to sign up for institute.
That night we had dinner with the Thurgood family. Although I have never met this family before, I knew their son in the MTC, which was super cool! Out of the blue, there was a knock on the door just before we were to say a prayer on the food. It was a guy named Nick that lives just across the street. (He is a remarkable young man for his age, he is already renting his own house and has a stable job, the only thing he lacks is the gospel.) So the family invited him to stay for dinner and the message, to which he accepted. Sure enough, it wasn’t just by chance that he knocked on the door at the right time, it was divinely inspired!! It was my turn to share the message, and apparently Heavenly Father needed me to tell him something specifically for him. This family has been fellowshipping him for a while now and that night was a pivotal moment in time where the Spirit was undeniably present.  This experience initiated his investigation to the church.  It was incredible, it was one of those moments where I can’t explain what happened other than it felt like everyone’s heart was about to burst out of their chests from experiencing divine intervention.  We left the house looking at each other and asking ourselves if that really happened, because it was truly nothing less than a miracle.

Friday we checked up on our investigator Eunice, but to our surprise we were informed by her sister that she took off to California for the next few months. Welp, now we know why she hasn't been coming to church the past few weeks haha!!

Saturday we went to a luau at one of the English wards in the West Zone. We primarily went because we knew that all the missionaries in that zone were participating in some polynesian dances. It was... EPIC!!  We had so much fun swaying to the music and taking videos. I am so excited that BYU has a group dedicated to Polynesian performances.

Welp familia! I love y’all and don’t forget that there is an hermana misionera praying for you every day!!

Hermana Moss:))

PS. I can’t believe that Jason H. is home already?!?!?!? Awesome!

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