Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 58 April 4, 2016 An Awesome Week

Hola familia!
We had a awesome week, I feel like so much has happened that I don't know where to start, nor will I be able to write about everything. I especially loved watching conference, all of the questions I had were answered. Can y'all believe that there are over 15 million people watching this live and they all have different questions that are so unique, and they were all answered through revelation. So grateful for inspired messages from our prophet and apostles!
On Monday we started giving mission prep lessons to a young man in the branch named Jerson. He is currently living with the Branch President because his family situation wasn't helping him stay active in the church or keep up with school.  He is a great kid and we enjoy teaching him. We role played about the Plan of Salvation and gave him homework to read from PMG.  Today we will go over and have him pretend to be a missionary.  I can say this a million times and it will still be true, I love the Plan of Salvation!  Every time I teach it, I can always feel the Spirit as I testify of its truthfulness.  How anyone can deny such a beautiful message I will never be able to understand. In fact this week went around to see the members and remind them of General Conference and I felt like we needed to stop and talk to this one guy who was outside working on his car. He was very nice to us and explained that he has been to our church before and listened to the missionaries.  He is now a member of a difference church and likes where he is. We tried to share a message about the church, but as soon as I pulled out my scriptures he refused to listen to us. Webb even offered to share a song from the hymn book with him but he still refused. My feelings weren't hurt because that happens and I am used to it. My, how I have grown!
Tuesday, Webb had to go to a new leadership meeting in Nampa, so that meant I need to go on splits with Guti!! I can't seem to get enough of that Guti goodness haha! This is her last transfer and I can't believe she is almost ready to leave the mission and me.  As my mission mom, she has taught me through her wise and powerful example and I am SOOOO grateful to have been able to hear and feel her strong testimony as she teaches. We were only together for a couple hours, but in that time we witnesses a miracle!  She and her comp had received a referral and for a long time, they haven't been able to find this person because the address was incorrect and their GPS was not able to find it either.  While we drove around and looked for it, we still couldn't find it. We even tried knocking on doors to see if anyone knew who this person was.  Nobody answered. But then, as we were driving away, I looked over and spotted the house we were looking for.  Moss-1; Satan-0!  We knocked at the door and we were able to meet this nice woman who was bedridden after she had a traumatic experience. Those little miracles happen all the time and I love them! :)

Thursday we got paid since it was the beginning of the month, and the first thing Webb did was get permission to buy a humidifier to help her sinuses at night. Right after that, we went to Parma to visit and brighten the spirit of Sister Robinson who has been super sick for the last couple of days. Just before we were about to head back to Ontario, Webb decided to leave her new humidifier and some oils with Sis Robinson since she needed it more. This is one of the many Christ-like characteristics of Webb that I adore.  Once again, I love Webb!!! That night we went to sports night and I had the best time playing volley ball ever! Overall we had a great day.
On Friday we had a district meeting and I was asked to give the spiritual thought. I came prepared with a box of sea shells that I got from helping the Mills clean out their house. I shared a scripture from Matt 4:18-20 and talked about how we are called to be fishers of men, not rulers or kings, but humble fishermen. And then I let them all pick out a shell to remind them of that sacred calling. 
Sunday was extra special because in between the conferences, another miracle happened. Our branch got together to have a brunch but not many people showed up, probably because it wasn't well announced the Sunday before.  Our recent convert, Gabriela Meza's, nonmember husband who is very active and dedicated to the church, invited one of his coworkers to come to church. She came to the brunch activity!! Webb and I got to talk to her and got her address and the address of two other families that she is bringing to church!!  She has been coming to church for the past few weeks, but somehow she always leaves before we get the chance to talk to her or her family members. We are super excited to teach them.
This transfer, our Mission President extended a challenge to us over the next two transfers, to read the BOM from start to finish. I have been listening to it in Spanish and following along in English. It has been so great to read it all over again because I get to hear all the wonderful and prophetic accounts that Nephi teaches me. He is my favorite scripture hero, he is so logical and spiritually persuasive.  And even though he thinks that he is not that great in writing as he is in speech, I beg to differ! If I had the chance to meet anyone that has ever lived, other than Christ, it would be Nephi. Hands down, no competition. 
Welp familia, it looks like I wrote a lot but not really in comparison to all that has happened this week. I love this work and I am proud to wear the badge.
I love y'all!!
Hermana Moss :)
Brother & Sister Boman

Me & Webb

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