Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 Week 60 A Miracle in Ontario.

Hola familia!

This week has been a good one. Not too busy, not too easy, just normal for once! I'm grateful though because you know what they say about idle hands- they are the devil's workshop! Haha:)

Monday we had another appointment to see our new investigator, Enimia and her family to teach them about the Restoration. It's cute because each time we come over, she ralleys them all together on the couch to listen to us. We have their full attention, which never happens to us.  We committed them all to a baptismal date for the first week in May.  We need prayers so that everything goes well!

Wednesday, we had exchanges with the Nyssa sisters. So I stayed in Ontario with Hermana Bertolino's greenie, Hermana Mackenzie.  She is a peach and I love her. :)  I found out that we both went to BYU for our first semester in the Fall 2014 and that she knows Denton!! Coincidences like this happen all the time. Did I mention that there is an elder from the Katy Stake that just got here and I knew him from going to the Stake youth dances?  Anyway, we had a great time on exchanges. I really appreciate those experiences when I learn from greenies and how they can see things so clearly. I would like to be a trainer, but He knew that I needed to be a STL with Hermana Webb. 

Wednesday night we saw Eva, our 12 year old investigator, and taught her about the Plan of Salvation.  She seemed to enjoy it.  Hermana Mackenzie did a great job explaining, testifying, and adding to the lesson.  She has a wonderful trainer of course, but she is a perfect example of a person who was prepared to be a missionary before she ever reported to the MTC. We need more missionaries like her. I hope that Elijah and Liam are reading their scriptures, not just because they have to, but because they want to.  I cannot tell you how many missionaries come on their missions having never read the Book of Mormon all the way through.. How are you supposed to testify to someone about it's truthfulness if you haven't read it all the way through much less have a testimony of it!? Makes no sense to me.

Thursday morning Hermana Webb had an appointment all the way in Meridian!! Since it is out of the mission, we had to ask a member family to take us.  I'll tell y'all what, I was squished in the back of a Buick for 3 hours listening to Country Christian music..the classic twangy type hahaha!! It made me laugh, because I have learned grown to love this type of music. For sure, I am gonna come home a country lovin' girl!!  It must've been written in the stars or something, because I honestly believe I was born to be a country girl, not a California native. Anyway, at the doctor's office we met a couple elders from the Boise mission. I sat with them talking about the differences of both of our missions, which were a lot. It was cool to get to talk to them.  When we got back to Ontario, we had interviews with President Cannon.  Just like last time, I came prepared with a few questions. Some of them were personal questions, and others had to do with scriptures that I wanted extra insight on, but for some reason I decided to start the interview talking about my departure date...That was a total rookie move...He was so gentle and sweet about it, but I immediately started bawling and couldn't keep my composure. I'm sure he sees this all the time, so it wasn't that embarrassing;/ It's just that I love my mission so much and I don't ever want it to end. So to listen to him say that the work I am doing right now is not nearly as important as the work I will do in the future was hard to hear.  I kid you not, I closed my eyes and covered my ears when he said it hahaha.. But he is right, I have just been putting off thinking about it for now so I guess this was the first step in the realization that my mission will end sooner than I would like.  

Friday after district meeting, we went to the Webster's house to decorate the door to Sophie's room to welcome her home. Sophie is Seth's 5 year old daughter, and because he is divorced he picks her up from Idaho Falls to spend the weekend with her every month.  I met her when Ekonomo was here and she is the cutest little redhead I have ever seen! We finished decorating the door and came back that night so Webb could meet her.  Seth is Bro & Sister Webster's son.  The next day we spent some time with her, Seth, Nana and Tata Webster. I know this family so well that I gave them all new names haha! Seth is a mechanic and on top of that he is a redhead so I call him Lightning McQueen; and I call Sister and Brother Webster Nana and Tata. They are just as much family to me as the real deal, so why not?  I love them.  

Sunday was Stake Conference and the translating responsibility was mine.  Whenever there is a woman speaking, I get to translate.  I haven't really needed to translate because there is a young woman in the branch with that calling.  I haven't translated since Caldwell, so I was a little rusty!  I got better as the meeting went on though, thankfully.  

Sunday evening we had a cool miracle. After dinner, we went to see Chayo, an eterni-gator.  As we were talking with her, we asked where her husband was and she told us that he was outside drinking with a neighbor.  From previous experiences, we know that he can be temper-mental when he drinks and in the past Chayo has asked us to come again later. But this time, Elias came inside and talked to us and asked us MANY questions about what we believe and to see if we could give him answers to his questions about why bad things have been happening to him lately.  I have met him before and he is nice to us, it's just that I have never heard him say more than a few words to us. They weren't easy questions either and in a normal situation, I wouldn't have had the answer. Not only was I given the power to answer his questions, but I was able to tell him in Spanish. In those few hours, I felt God give me the strength I needed to help one of his children who was lost and suffering. After all the questions, and discussion he told us he wanted to come to church and he even offered to give the closing prayer!!! It was amazing!! We both walked out of there looking at each other like "What just happened?" Not only that, but I was completely drained, kind of like how after having a very powerful spiritual experience you just loose all your energy... that was me. That was the coolest miracle of the week! I am grateful that Heavenly Father is in the details and that he was there to give us the very words that need to be spoken.

Welp familia, I love y'all!!
And don't forget, there is a sister missionary in Ontario that is praying for you!

Hermana Moss :)

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