Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 26, 2015 Week 35

Hola familia!

This week went well, and super fast because we've been busy with lots of different things. I don't have much to say, so this email may be kinda short.

On Monday afternoon, I went on an exchange with Sister Jarrett in her area. We had a busy schedule on Monday after pray, including going to the YSA FHE where they played temple trivia!  Guess what? I sucked at that game!! I now realize how little I actually know about temples other than what goes on inside of them, haha! 

Most of our week was spent in preparation for the Spanish Ward Halloween activity. For some reason this Holiday wasn't covered in the Relief Society budget and we didn't have extra money or time to plan it. So we ended up working with the RS president and planned a decent party on our own. We also spent time going to visit people and tell them about the party, but sadly, not too many people showed up. Nevertheless, it was still lots of fun. The missionaries were asked to man the booths for the fiesta and I was in charge of the bobbing for apples booth.  It was cute watching them get all wet :)

We are teaching an investigator named Jovany, and I am sure I have mentioned him in the last email. Anyway, thank you so much for all your prayers on his behalf. We just met with him yesterday and reminded him of his baptismal date in 2 weeks. We've only taught him 2 lessons so far, and it was a surprise that we were the ones who were kind of nervous with how close his date is.  He was the one who wanted to continue to push for that date!  He has come to every sacrament meeting, every sports night, every activity, keeps all of his commitments, reads the scriptures that we assign him, and never reschedules with us. I can hardly believe how fast he is progressing and how the Spirit works so diligently with him.  This is a miracle in itself for me to see the Atonement in action. What if he decides to go on a mission, or one day is called to be a General Authority or a Mission President? Ahhh, the potential!

Yesterday morning I was reading Bruce R McConkie's 1987 talk called 'The Caravan Moves On'. Wow! I was amazed how the words seemed to jump off the page and hit me to the core. It was a humbling experience too, to come to the realization that although the world seems to falter, the Church and it's righteous disciples will continue to go forward and we will either be in the caravan or be left behind. 

Welp familia! I love you all!   Please continue to pray for Jovany.  Stay safe and enjoy Halloween!!

Hermana Moss :)

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