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Email - April 11, 2015

Hey family!

So much is happening this week!  The last of everything at the CCM is taking place -- the last gym time, the last class, the last time we will have Tuesday devotionals.  Why does everything have to change so fast?!?!  On Friday we took a language assessment -- it was awful!  I mostly had to answer questions with only about 15 seconds to think of a response and then record it on the computer.  I am not the best at impromptu speaking (although I like to think that I am), so you can imagine that I absolutely failed – or at least it felt that way while under pressure.  Our teachers have been warning us about this test for a long time.  In fact, they like to joke and say that if we don't pass then we will have to stay another 2 weeks here in the CCM.  Part of me wishes it were true, but I’m anxious to get to Nampa! 

Yesterday the whole day was full of in-field orientation meetings.  It reminded me of our first day here, lots of info being relayed.  Even though it was a long day it went by fast.  Since I’ve been here the Lord has blessed me with increased patience, for which I’m grateful.

Thursday we had TRC (practice teaching session) with a woman who is a real investigator.  It started off really interesting.  (SIDE NOTE: normally if we have the opportunity to talk with real investigators, a CCM teacher usually sits in on the lesson so they can jump in if need be to explain or smooth things over.)  As soon as we sat down and started talking to this wonderful daughter of God, our teacher opened the door to look at her and ask her if she was a member of the church.  She said no, of course, and he took a few seconds to think about whether he should sit in on the lesson or not.  He eventually closed the door and left us alone with her.  It was funny because I could see his face through the little window in the door.  I giggled because he’s a little awkward and his facial expressions are hilarious!  But it was also a cool moment because we could tell that he decided to trust us to teach this non-member woman even though we are not experienced missionaries.  The lesson turned out great and she asked for official missionaries to come teach her in her home, which is super-duper-mega-bien!

The other day in my journal, I wrote down some important realizations.  "Well it's almost time for me to leave the CCM!  I have embarked on a journey that most teenagers wouldn't have the desire to do.  I don't believe any of my high school peers is doing anything like what I am blessed to be doing now.  Perhaps some are engaged in humanitarian work, but probably not under a specific missionary calling from the Lord.  I feel privileged and special to be engaged in this missionary endeavor.  All my life I've felt average because I don't have any special talent that really makes me stand out.  I wasn't that involved in taking difficult classes or sports, and didn't hold any prestigious leadership positions in any clubs.  I'm not the nicest person alive, I'm not the most popular person other people have met.  But I’m so grateful now for this opportunity to be offering sacrifice and service to the Lord.  It’s a bit scary to give up the comfort of home and family, music, movies, and time to complete a college education; to give up current pursuits to help others and to teach them the restored gospel.  Missionaries don't know who they'll meet; they don't know where they'll go.  A lot of times they don't know the language, they hardly have the capacity to teach people anything.  When you think about it, why would people listen to a couple of young women or men who lack worldly wisdom and knowledge -- what can we really do for them?  Notwithstanding all of this uncertainty, I still believe in my purpose and in my calling.  I know I can do this work and I know that I can help others along the way.  I know I'm not perfect, but I know God knows my heart and is going to help me in all that I do."

Gahh!  Tomorrow is my last Sunday.  So sad!  Since I recently spoke in Sacrament meeting, I will probably be asked to share my testimony instead.  I hope I don't look like a blubbering walrus up there.  Turns out one missionary stereotype is somewhat true -- we are ALL crybabies.  It's true.  This week me and my comps were asked to teach the class and share our thoughts about a chapter from the Book of Mormon and I couldn't get through it without bawling of course!  Do y'all remember my farewell talk?  I didn't even get through the first song before the tears welled up!  Plus, I was on the stage in front of the whole congregation -- so embarrassing!

We are passing down signs tonight.  I have given a lot of thought to who I will give mine to, and it will probably be one of the elders in our zone.  We have taken a little heat for spending some of our study time doing family home evening with our zone, so our meeting will have to be brief.  All the hermanas are all planning on having a sleepover tonight and tomorrow night.  It will be so fun!  I love sleepovers!  We probably won’t sleep at all.

I have to report to the reception desk at 4:30 in the morning to take the bus to the airport on Tuesday morning.  OHMYGOODNESS -- so early!  And then I have a forever long layover in SanFran airport, so maybe that is when I will try to call y'all.

Welp!  I think this is all I have time for.  I think from now on my letters won’t be quite as long since I will have less time to be in front of a computer.  Sad :(.

I love and miss y'all so much!  Hope everyone had a great week!

Hermana Moss

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