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E-mail, March 17, 2015

Hola Familia!

I am doing alright in the CCM.  Yes, I am getting emails from several friends and family members, including all of yall individually.  It makes me happy to know that I’m not forgotten back home :).  Mom, so you were able to meet Brandon's fianc√©?  How is she, isn’t she the cutest?  How is Brandon doing btw? Since Brandon is going to Rome, there’s a chance that he and Tahoe will get to meet!  I see Hermana Mohr all the time!  She’s the Sister Training Companion Leader for her area, but I am not in the same area. 

Thanks for the quote from Sister Barrow – she always has the greatest quotes.  She has so much spiritual evidence to back up her testimony, I absolutely love it!  One of my other favorite quotes this week was one I found in my study journal which I wrote down when I was still at the Y:  "Stick to your task till it sticks to you.  Beginners are many, but enders are few.  Honor, power, peace, and praise, will always come to the one who stays.  Stick to your task till it sticks to you, bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it too.  For out of the bend, and the sweat, and the smile, will come life's victories after a while."

I miss watching Gilmore Girls with you!  It was only a matter of time before Liam got hooked, ha-ha! Tell me all about what I’m missing at home; I want to know what everyone is up to!  Please send me pictures of yall!!

Here at the CCM my favorite part of the day for is sure teaching our investigators.  We finished teaching Obdulio last week.  Turns out that he is actually a teacher here at the CCM and is doing role play so we can practice and develop our skills – guess I should have known that.  This week and every week until we leave will be full of teaching various investigators, most of which will also probably be teachers or volunteers from the church.  It’s good to have the practice opportunities and take baby steps first; you have to learn to walk before you can run.

This reminds me, I have learned so much about myself, how to be a better communicator, and how to be a missionary.  And the funny things is, I am not even in the mission field yet.  This only brings to mind what the Lord has in store for me, and I’m anxious to find out soon!  Mom, I’ve been thinking about our extended family members -- I hope that they can see how much the gospel blesses families.  I know that if I didn’t have the gospel in my life, I wouldn’t be a missionary, I wouldn’t have gotten into BYU, I wouldn’t have received my Young Women medallion, I wouldn’t have gone to 4 years of early morning seminary, I wouldn’t have known true happiness, and so much more that I can ascribe to living the gospel principles.

I have gotten to know my district so well.  I love them, they are my temporary family while I am here.  My district is always swapping stories about our college experiences.  Last night we conducted Family Home Evening amongst ourselves because we were the only district in our zone left after the rest of the districts left for the mission field.  For the activity, we played a game of stories where someone would throw out a specific topic and the rest of us would tell stories until we laugh the hardest and move onto a new topic.  Some of the stories were so hilarious -- Oh my gosh I almost died laughing!!!

I went to the temple Visitors Center today and I got some insanely cool Spanish scripture cases along with some other cool things!  But, we didn’t have the chance to go and do a session because the temple has been closed since last January for remodeling.  I totally felt bummed for not being able to enter the temple, but I still enjoyed myself!  When we got to the visitors center, the temple president and his wife greeted us and sat my district down along with 2 other groups in front of the Christus statue.  Then we got a small tour from some adorable sister missionaries who couldn’t speak any English.  It was reassuring to know that we struggle just as much as any other missionary trying to learn another language for their mission.  We then saw a quick video about families and how the family should be established on gospel principles.  A part of the video talked about wholesome family recreation, and I immediately remembered when dad used to take me and the boys out to the park in California and play baseball with us.  Sweet memories that will always be cherished in my heart.  It was at this moment that I knew there would be no possible future in which I will not raise my family upon this restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  The gospel simply true.  And although my mission will be completed in 18 months, it won’t be technically finished until I have done all I can to teach my children how to come unto Christ.

As for little miracles this week, I felt so close to Heavenly Father yesterday.  Tender mercy, I tell yall.  Sundays are my favorite part of the week – this is when I can spiritually recharge.  I experience at least 16 hours of classes all other days of the week, but on Sundays, I have the amazing opportunity to listen to people talk about nothing except pure doctrine.  Going to the Gordon B Hinckley Auditorium is like visiting the candy store!  It’s like partaking of the fruit of the tree of life as Lehi described it in the Book of Mormon, and all I want to do is share it with others.  I love it so much!

Alas, I have so much more to say, but time runs short.  I haven’t given you a complete run-through of my days, but hopefully this little report on the week’s highlights will do for now.  Worry not -- I promised myself before I came out that I would faithfully write in my journal every day to record my spiritual experiences as well as my physical experiences, without excuses.  So far so good, and I’ll share with you after my mission.

I pray for yall all the time.  With all my love,

Hermana Moss :)

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